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Earlier seasons saw Zyra as a powerful control mage in the mid lane, but with all of the updates and new champion additions, the meta changed, and she is now best suited as support. She controls the lane so well, and it’s great for some champions that need babysitting in the early game. She can also be a harass support where her plants damage the enemies all the time.

Two plants with Liandry’s passive can do so much damage with just 2 or 3 hits. She can also root enemies and cast her W while it is on the way, so it doesn’t only root enemies but also damage them. Zyra also has incredible scaling, which she becomes a carry in the late game. She can deal significant damage to enemies by constantly sprouting plants beside them or quickly bursting them down by using all of her skills at once. With that being said, let us look at how you can use Zyra as a support and the top 5 best ADC champions you can pair with her.

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1. Jhin

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Zyra’s E doesn’t only deal burst damage to the enemies. It also roots them in place and activates her passives laid on the ground. It is an excellent CC ability that has a follow-up DPS. This is great as Jhin can efficiently synergize with this using his W or ultimate to finish enemies off.

Zyra also has incredible damage because she can be built as a mage which greatly synergizes with a Jhin with a dark harvest rune. Zyra can bring the enemy’s HP’s down with her burst, and Jhin can easily last hit them with his long-range skills.

Early Game Playstyle

Zyra reaches her early game power spike when she learns all 3 of her skills. When she becomes level 3, she can continuously poke enemies with her Q sprouting long-range plants. This damages the enemies but forces them to back away from the minion range, making them lose lane gold and exp. Jhin can join in the poking strategy every time Zyra hits her E on the enemy.

Once rooted by Zyra’s E, Jhin can cast his W on that champion and follow it up with four shots and a grenade. Enemies won’t retaliate that much to this combo as they will spend most of their time standing helpless because of the Chain CC this duo provides.

Mid Game Play Style and Build Path

Jhin can build a galeforce for a quick follow-up on Zyra’s E. He can also use this as a self-peel tool every time Zyra’s ult and E are down. Zyra usually builds mage items even as support because she already has excellent crown control abilities. She has no healed, and shields so she might as well make up for it by using damage.

If Zyra builds like a mage, her value won’t fall off in the late game, and she can quickly secure kills for Jhin. She has excellent engagement capabilities and should look for kills more often by now. Just avoid extremely mobile enemies like Rakan or a Jarvan as Zyra and Jhin are pretty squishy.

Late Game Playstyle

Group up with your team often as this duo can hugely impact teamfights with their long-range AOE skills. A team that has a Zyra can easily win late-game team fights because of her ult that can knock multiple enemies up. Jhin’s long-range is also excellent whenever Zyra’s ult catches enemies. He can cast his ultimate and easily hit all of them without missing a single bullet.

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2. Samira

Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Zyra in League of Legends - LeagueFeed (2)

Samira’s all-in potential is crazy as she can deal equal damage to all enemies within her range when she ults. This is great as Zyra can easily back this all-in engage with her ultimate. When all enemies are knocked up, they won’t cleanse it and become motionless for 2 seconds. This gives Samiar enough time to damage them all with her ultimate.

The peel on this duo is also incredible as they can protect each other. Samira can negate projectiles, and Zyra can CC enemies who manage to get close to Samira. Here are the different play styles you can do with this duo on different game phases.

Early Game Playstyle

The early game is an excellent phase for this duo as they can play aggressively. Look for an all-in engagement once both of them reach level 3. An engage from Zyra would prove lethal as Samira can easily extend the CC and dash towards them. If the enemy retaliates with a skillshot, Samira can easily block it off. So an all-in would guarantee a takedown or bother spells used.

Mid Game Play Style and Build Path

Samira should always rush an Immortal shield bow whoever the enemy is. This is a great item to keep her alive when she ults in the middle of the enemy team. However, if assassins are present, focus on building defensive items on Zyra as they will target Zyra most of the time because of her immobility.

So look to rush an hourglass as a first or 2nd item depending upon the situation. Engage in more fights as you can easily win them with your combined ultimate synergy. However, don’t waste both of your ults on a second target, as teamfights are the best time to use this combo. Fast push the bot lane, destroy the first turret, roam other lanes, and look for team fights.

Late Game Playstyle

Both Zyra and Samira can go separate during the late game as they are now both a one-person team. Samira can continuously push one lane, but she needs to always be near her teammates. Zyra can stick with a group to always siege a turret. Mass push will always see through a team fight, so a Zyra with the majority will always win team fights.

3. Miss Fortune

Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Zyra in League of Legends - LeagueFeed (3)

Another champion that can capitalize on Zyra’s ultimate, MF, has incredible AOE damage once she reaches level 6, so you can cast it every time an enemy is caught by Zyra’s ultimate. Zyra can also extend the CC so MF can hit enemies with the entire duration of her ult. Zyra can do this by sequencing her skills. She can slow them with her Q and plants first and cast ultimate on the enemies.

Once airborne, she can cast her E to root them in place for another good 1-2 seconds. If they manage to execute this as soon as they reach level 6, they can snowball the entire game and take on the opposing team like an avalanche. There are variations of plays you can do with this combo, so let us look at what you can do at different points of the game.

Early Game Playstyle

MF’s early game damage is pretty weak. All she can offer is her E slow so Zyra can hit her roots easily. MF can also look to level her Q up first to make up for the damage, but she has to position well to hit the enemies with her Q. So play safely in the laning phase and have Zyra trade pokes with the enemy team so you won’t get bullied off the lane.

Mid Game Play Style and Build Path

MF has her ultimate by now, and she can easily pick up kills with Zyra. Be careful, though, as this duo is weak against assassins with excellent mobility like Zed, Katarina, or Talon. Both can be easily burst down, so look to provide more vision on your flank and in the river to back away once you see assassins coming to gank. Always fast push your lane, look for a roam at the middle lane, and help your mage. Once a roam is successful, you can do a three-man push in the middle to take multiple plates.

Fast pushing also gives you lane priority so that when Dragon comes, it’ll be much easier to secure. You can skip on Zyra on this duo as you need to protect the highly vulnerable Miss Fortune. Moonstone and a Mikael’s are great buys you can get Zyra so you can protect MF. After all, your CC’s are the only thing that MF needs because she can damage enemies independently.

Late Game Playstyle

MF now has her ultimate on level 3, and each bullet wave now hurts. Team fights are easier to win now as Zyra can easily engage the enemy team with her combo, and the CC would spell their demise as they all receive the entire damage of MF’s bullet time.

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4. Draven

Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Zyra in League of Legends - LeagueFeed (4)

AOE skills greatly complement Zyra’s ultimate, and Draven is an excellent champion that can provide this. Not only is his AOE damage significant, but his Auto-attack is also very devastating. Enemies are afraid to be knocked up or stunned whenever a Draven is on the opposing team, as he can quickly kill them with less than five hits.

This bot lane duo has an extremely high kill pressure. You should always go in for the kill every time Zyra hits her E. Once rooted, Draven can easily catch up to enemies and take them down with his overpowered basic attacks. Draven is a legit executioner, so let us look at how we can play him with Zyra on different game phases.

Early Game Playstyle

Draven’s level 1 damage is unmatched because of his spinning axes, so he looks for fights every time Zyra’s roots catch an enemy. Draven can achieve first blood and gain a lead to control the wave under his tower, preventing enemies from taking gold and EXP. Zyra can also zone them further away by constantly threatening them with an all-in engagement.

This way, the enemy team will be forced to gank your lane and lose their tempo in their respective lanes. Once the enemy decides to gank, simply hide under your tower and repeat this process until you are multiple levels beyond the enemy bot lane duo. This will quickly put them out of the game and tilt them.

Mid Game Play Style and Build Path

If Draven manages to do the strategy mentioned above, he can quickly build a Duskblade with Squishy enemies. He can pair this with an early The COllector and an Infinity edge to guarantee one-hit kills on the enemy ADC, which is now multiple levels below you. Look to build mage items on Zyra so her pokes alone can kill enemies or bring their hp’s down to half, and Draven can easily one-shot them with his basic attack or his ult.

Late Game Playstyle

Pretty much the same as mid-game, and to be honest, if you manage to get a lead on Draven, games don’t usually last until the late game, where items’ inventories are complete. IF the enemy manages to catch up, however, have Zyra play defensively and keep enemies away from Draven as he kites them because of objective bounties. Rinse, repeat and finish the game.

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5. Ezreal

Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Zyra in League of Legends - LeagueFeed (5)

Easily one of the best champions that can play a weak side is Ezreal. With this, Zyra can easily roam other lanes and provide CC and damage to her other teammates, and secure kills for them. Ezreal can also easily follow up on a Zyra roam with his ult, so playing weakside is not an issue. Ezreal can also use his ultimate onions every time the wave gets thick and pushes towards him. He can be easily left alone as he can fend for himself with his long-range and E escape an ability.

Early Game Playstyle

The early game for this duo is pretty slow as damage is pretty mediocre. All Ezreal can do is simply last hit enemy minions with his Q and stack his tear. ONce Zyra catches an enemy with her E, Ezreal can follow up with his empowered Q, and that’s pretty much it. Ezreal’s damage comes from the mid-late game, so simply play defensively and have Zyra try to zone enemies away from the minion range.

Mid Game Play Style and Build Path

Ezreal can pick the conqueror rune or the Undying grasp depending upon the enemy team. If enemies are excellent, early game champions opt for an undying Grasp which works significantly with a Death’s Dance Sunderer build path. This build path will make Ezreal tanky and perform better on playing the weak side lane.

Zyra has to roam, so items like an oracle lens and boots of mobility work great on her. A moonstone or an imperial mandate is excellent on her as both of these items dramatically benefit champions she roams to. It is also great for Ezreal as they can easily proc the effects of both items.

Late Game Playstyle

The late-game makes Ezreal an incredible artillery provider. His Q has a low cooldown, and he can continuously cast it to poke enemies or clear the wave. Look to go on more team fights as Zyra’s ult will always win. Ezreal can also easily hit enemies with his ult when they are all knocked up, so teamfights are the way to go in this game phase.

Final Thoughts

Zyra works great if her ADC knows how to follow up on her engages, so look to communicate with your ADC whenever you decide to engage so they can follow up and know when to commit and disengage. As of that, thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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