Top 20 Minecraft 1.17 Seeds for July 2021 (2023)

The first part of the Caves and Cliffs update has been finally released in Minecraft 1.17 version. The second part should be released by the end of 2021, so keep your fingers crossed.

This long-awaited update includes such new structures like amethyst geodes, copper ore, and deepslate. As for the new mobs you can find goats, glow squids, and axolotls roaming the world of Minecraft.

This month's selection of top Minecraft 1.17 seeds will show you where to look for amethyst geodes on the surface and underground, where to search for axolotls, and how to quickly get to the end.

Seed: 6160288855204321195

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Plains, Forest

If you want to quickly find a lot of amethyst geodes, then start digging at spawn in various spots. You will eventually find entrance points into a massive abandoned mineshaft at the following coordinates:

  1. -250, 250
  2. -350, 300
  3. -350, 200

This mineshaft is huge and it often connects and goes through multiple amethyst geodes that you can exploit for all those pretty purple blocks.

Seed: 4597418887663011085

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Savanna, Desert

In case you have no desire for digging and mining, but you still want to find an amethyst geode, then you can use this Minecraft seed.

You will spawn on a shattered savanna oasis in the middle of the desert with an acacia village and a ravine that has an exposed amethyst geode on the surface at coordinates 100, 50.


Seed: -2650213314532291619

Coordinates: -200, -250
Biomes: Shattered Savanna, Plains, Desert

Spawn on a shattered savanna plateau that hosts three villages of different types at the following coordinates:

  1. -250, -200
  2. 50, 50
  3. -350, 150

You can find an amethyst geode at coordinates -160, 50, -330 that is relatively close to the surface.

There is also a skeleton dungeon at coordinates -240, 28, -210.

Seed: -2095780610522792819

Coordinates: -250, 250
Biomes: Mesa, Desert

To the west of spawn you will find a desert village and temple at a very rare eroded badlands biome at coordinates 50, 50 and 150, 100.

At coordinates 300, 250 you will also see an exposed ruined portal on the surface.

(Video) 10 Best Village Minecraft 1.17 Seeds | NEW Minecraft 1.17 Seed | 1.17 Seeds

If you keep going eastwards, you will soon arrive at a patch of shattered savanna at coordinates 450, -350 with a desert village nearby at coordinates 650, -150.


Seed: 5571324165270635975

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Jungle, Forest

Right after you spawn, go to coordinates -400, -400, where you'll find a jungle temple and pillager outpost standing next to each other.

Then, keep heading upwards and at coordinates -350, -1300 you'll discover a stronghold that has melded with an abandoned mineshaft.

This stronghold has an unfinished but active end portal that will allow you to instantly travel to the End.

Seed: -6335133294012887979

Coordinates: -100, 250
Biomes: Desert, Savanna, Jungle

This Minecraft seed offers three structures right at spawn:

  1. Desert village: 300, 300
  2. Ruined portal: 250, 250
  3. Desert temple: 250, 150

The underground area around the temple hosts two amethyst geodes at coordinates 280, 47, 97 and 237, 46, 124.

The rest of the area is covered with lush bamboo jungle biome that is inhabited by some cute pandas.


Seed: -9036816399504570061

Coordinates: 200, 50
Biomes: Jungle, Plains

Jungle temple and exposed ruined portal at spawn!

This is not only a great seed for quick nether teleportation, but also the one that gives you a lot of valuable loot, as the portal will take you straight to bastion treasure room with a chest that contains diamond chestplate.

The rest of the loot is also of high quality and mainly consists of golden and enchanted items.

Top 20 Minecraft 1.17 Seeds for July 2021 (8)
(Video) Top 3 Minecraft Seeds of July 2021 [BEDROCK 1.17.10]: Shattered savanna, amethyst geode, badlands

Seed: -7379792664799641459

Coordinates: 50, -100
Biomes: Jungle, Mushroom Island

Spawn in a jungle biome that has an extremely rare landlocked mushroom biome within its borders.

To the west of the mushroom area you will find a jungle temple in a small lake at coordinates 250, -450.

If you travel southwards, you'll soon find a desert temple with some nice loot at coordinates -150, 200.


Seed: -1902642786049248009

Coordinates: 150, 250
Biomes: Savanna, Plains, Desert

Spawn in a savanna biome next to a couple of villages at coordinates 350, 350 and 500, 50.

The second village has a quick access to an abandoned mineshaft that luckily runs through an amethyst geode at the exact coordinates 515, 47, -70.

There is also a source of water running through the cave system, which increases your chances of meeting axolotls.

Seed: 6462805062182442448

Coordinates: -200, -50
Biomes: Various

You will spawn on an ocean shore with a small village that stands right next to some impressive shattered savanna biome.

At coordinates 50, 200 you will see an exposed ruined portal in the desert dunes, and further up there is also a fully buried desert temple at coordinates 50, 50.

If you enter the portal, then you can find both fortress and bastion remnant pretty close at nether coordinates -150, 150 and 100, -300.

Seed: -719955582335067660

Coordinates: 150, 250
Biomes: Savanna, Mushroom Island

Savanna village on a mushroom island at spawn!

This rare opportunity gives you access to one of the safest environments for survival in Minecraft.

The island village is not very big, but you can find another one on the mainland at coordinates 50, -350. It's not that far away from the original spawn point, so it won't take you too long to move from one place to another.

Top 20 Minecraft 1.17 Seeds for July 2021 (12)

Seed: 3060832473006337686

Coordinates: 250, 50
Biomes: Plains, Forest

Woodland mansion and village at spawn!

Between the mansion and the village you'll find an exposed ruined portal with a chest that contains two golden apples, one of which is a very rare enchanted apple.

The other closest village can be seen up north at coordinates 550, -300. So, if you need more materials, then it won't take you too long to get there.

Seed: 388175584723979600

Coordinates: 150, -150
Biomes: Plains, Forest

The village at spawn has got quite a few interesting surprises.

First, there is a blacksmith with some really nice loot. Second, there is a ravine right next to it with a quick access to resources. Lastly, there is a ruined portal standing right near the flow of lava, which allows you to quickly farm the obsidian to finish it.

Besides, there is another village nearby at coordinates 650, -450 and stronghold at coordinates 1050, -850.

Seed: -5461742867366232987

Coordinates: 150, 50
Biomes: Plains, Savanna

This is a similar seed to the previous one with a village at spawn, but on a different set of biomes.

There is also a ravine, a ruined portal, a blacksmith, and a pillager outpost to spice things up.

The path to the north opens up an access to the ocean with plenty of icebergs.

Seed: 8121280077396562671

Coordinates: -100, -200
Biomes: Various

Here, you will spawn in the most unusual of conditions.

First, there is a huge survival island at spawn that consists of two biomes: taiga and mushroom island.

Second, the entire island is surrounded by a massive ring of icebergs that are all connected.

Last, there is a shipwreck on the surface that is stuck in one of the icebergs at coordinates -150, -450.

Seed: -4253679736926566858

Coordinates: -250, 200
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

This seed is dedicated to all the fans of the shattered savanna biome, as there are two instances of it near spawn.

(Video) TOP 5 BEST MEGA VILLAGE SEEDS For Minecraft 1.17.1! (Minecraft Java Edition Seeds)

The first can be found in the desert at spawn with a village, a ruined portal, and a desert temple at coordinates 200, 250.

The other one is an entire shattered savanna island located to the east of spawn at coordinates 450, 450.

Seed: -6262618649322629924

Coordinates: -150, -150
Biomes: Taiga, Forest

Witness the union of ugly and beautiful in one seed!

You will spawn in a gorgeous flower forest biome that accommodates an entire zombie village at coordinates -150, -400.

If you feel that you're not ready to take on the challenge, then move westwards towards a friendlier village at coordinates -650, -150.

Seed: 6730157734809847985

Coordinates: 200, -150
Biomes: Plains

There are several villages right at spawn and a ruined portal at coordinates -300, -350.

One of the villages had some kind of an accident, which caused its blacksmith to spawn right above the hole in the ground.

This unusual sight can be found at coordinates 50, -150. But the rest of the village looks normal.

Seed: 1938134238482158504

Coordinates: 100, -150
Biomes: Plains, Desert, Ocean

Spawn on a giant survival island with village and two biomes: plains and desert.

At coordinates -200, 200 you can find an ocean monument with a shipwreck right beside it.

Under the shipwreck you can dig up the buried treasure located at the exact coordinates -199, 137.

Seed: -1689110266133456752

Coordinates: -250, -250
Biomes: Desert, Taiga

Strongholds usually tend to spawn in far away isolated areas. But a stronghold in this seed generates right under two villages at coordinates -1700, 800.

The end portal already has two active eyes, so it's going to be easier to fill the rest of the holes.

That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds for 1.17. Check out more Minecraft articles right here, including a huge catalog of awesome seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!

(Video) Top 5 Seeds for Minecraft 1.17.1! (Best Minecraft Java Edition Seeds - PC)

Published Jul. 1st 2021


What is the luckiest seed in Minecraft 1.17 1? ›

Best Minecraft 1.17 seeds — Java & Bedrock
  • Hill Taiga Village — 5694368681594500133 (Java) ...
  • Thousand Islands — 3389627839631903020 (Java) ...
  • Speedrun — 4530634556500121041 (Java) ...
  • Massive Desert — 1297970985505311939 (Java) ...
  • Rare Biomes — 25836763 (Bedrock) ...
  • Mushroom Island — 4344633995751933050 (Java)
20 May 2022

What is the luckiest seed in Minecraft 2021? ›

The best Minecraft seeds are:
  • Obsidian Farm.
  • Mesa and Cave Spiders.
  • Mooshroom Paradise.
  • Ocean Monument Island.
  • Nether Rush.
  • Pillager Outpost.
  • Savanna and Village.
  • Smallest Island Ever.
20 Oct 2022

What is the easiest seed in Minecraft 2021? ›

Best beginner seeds in Minecraft
  • Seed 1 (Image via Minecraft)
  • Village at spawn (Image via Minecraft)
  • Overview of the first village (Image via Minecraft)
  • Desert/badlands village (Image via Minecraft)
  • Village overlooking a Mushroom island (Image via Minecraft)
18 Mar 2021

Where can I find diamond in Java 1.17 1? ›

How to find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.17 and earlier. If you're still playing on Minecraft 1.17 or earlier, then you can find Diamond Ore in every Overworld biome between Y-levels 1-15. They spawn most often at levels 5-12, so if you want to maximise your chances of finding Diamonds, stay between these two levels.

What Minecraft seed has the most diamond? ›

Under players' spawn at (X:2312, Y:13, Z:5), a batch of eight diamonds can be found. It's also possible to find additional diamonds at (X:2347, Y:12, Z:5).

What is the seed for a fully lit end portal? ›

Notice, you will spawn in a Plains Biome. At X: 342, Z: 1272, you want to dig straight down.

What is luckiest seed in Minecraft? ›

1) Mushroom Island Seed: 7749012223532925400

Players spawn on a beach near some taiga and plains biomes.

What is the biggest village seed in Minecraft 1.18 1? ›

1) Lakeside village near mountains (Seed: 1663626318)

It features the newly added jagged peaks right at the spawn, one of the tallest biomes in the Minecraft 1.18 update. This seed shows the beauty of the new mountain generation. Players can find mountains reaching heights of more than Y 200 near the spawn location.

What is the best 1.19 seed? ›

Best Minecraft seeds for 1.19
  • Dripstone Ravine. ...
  • Forest Cliffs. ...
  • Badlands Mountain. ...
  • Old Growth Pine Taiga. ...
  • Ocean Of Ice Spikes. ...
  • Bamboo Jungle. Bamboo Jungle | Seed: -4813269715648826820. ...
  • Savanna & Desert Village. Savanna & Desert Village | Seed: -184311627141651860. ...
  • Mooshroom Island. Mooshroom Island | Seed: 7749012223532925400.
6 Oct 2022

What is the best seed ever? ›

The best Minecraft seeds 2022
  • Minecraft 1.20 seed.
  • Mangrove Swamp and Outpost.
  • Desert Monolith.
  • Coastal Towns.
  • Mooshroom Paradise.
  • Woodland Mansion and Lush Caves.
  • Beautiful Lush Cave.
  • Vertical Island Village.
5 days ago

Can allays be killed? ›

You can kill it with two hits of a diamond sword or four hits of an iron sword. It also dies by suffocating within blocks, staying underwater for a long time, and due to fire damage. However, Allay can't receive any fall damage as it keeps constantly floating irrespective of the height.

Do allays Despawn? ›

Allays can despawn after being given an item if they haven't picked up any items yet.

Will allays follow me? ›

Here's the quick details on the Allay:

It will follow you around if you've given it an item.

Do diamonds still spawn at 12? ›

In the past, Diamond blocks would generally spawn from Y:12 in underground caves and mines. However, they now spawn more frequently and are distributed between Y levels 14 to -63. This massive change allows Minecraft players to find many more Diamond nodes than before.

Are diamonds still at y11? ›

Diamonds can spawn anywhere from Y level -64 to Y level 16. Y level 11 would still work, but it's not the best place to look.

Do fake diamonds sink in water? ›

True diamonds have high density and should quickly sink to the bottom of the glass. Fake diamonds are not as thick, and therefore, more likely to float in water. This test is not always foolproof. Some materials that make up fake diamonds, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, can sink if they are heavy enough.

How rare is it to find a 12 vein of diamonds in Minecraft? ›

Diamond ore veins can generate at most 10 diamond ores adjacent to each other. However, due to the ability of ore veins colliding with each other, players will have an extremely rare chance of mining a diamond vein up to 12 diamonds.

What seed has the most Netherite? ›

Top 5 seeds for Netherite in Minecraft
  • Broken portal (Image via Minecraft)
  • Desert Fixed Nether Portal (Image via Minecraft)
  • Lots of ancient debris (Image via Minecraft)
  • Ancient Debris (Image via Minecraft)
  • Diamonds and Ancient Debris (Image via mysticety)
6 Aug 2021

Are pink sheeps rare? ›

Pink sheep have a rare chance of 0.164% of spawning naturally. If a sheep spawner is placed via /setblock , the sheep model spinning inside appears with one of the six naturally spawning colors. Independently from the displayed color, all six variants are able to spawn, the usual chances apply.

What is the OG Minecraft seed? ›

After a month of research, the first-ever Minecraft title screen was found on two different seeds: 2151901553968352745 and 8091867987493326313. This world can only be found in the Beta 1.7. 3 version of Minecraft.

How rare is a 5 eye portal? ›

The frame has the highest probability of generating with only one eye of ender (37.7%), with probabilities dropping to 28.2% for zero, 23.0% for two, 8.52% for three, 2.13% for four, and a total of 0.433% for five or more.

Is it possible to get a 12 eye portal? ›

For 1.14 and newer, there is such a low chance where the ender portal already has all 12 Eyes of ender, that it will most likely never surface. For 1.12 there is a seed that already has 12 Eyes of Ender. The seed is 95148563599334434 and it is the only one in existence.

Are there unlimited end portals? ›

Every stronghold contains 1 end portal. On Bedrock and Java editions, there are up to 128 strongholds per world. They are scattered around a ring. To answer your question, there are up to 128 end portals per world.

What seed has a village? ›

Survival Island Village

It spawns us on a huge island that has a savanna village on it. You can get the basic resources from the village and then make a boat to start ocean exploration. And not to forget, this seed works on both editions of the game and generates a village.

Is seed maker affected by luck? ›

Neither the number of seeds produced nor the likelihood of getting Mixed Seeds or Ancient Seeds are affected by luck. This determines the type and number of seeds produced. Daily luck and boosted luck have no effect on this outcome.

What are the most cursed seeds in Minecraft? ›

Seed IP: 478868574082066804

This seed is probably the most infamous Minecraft seed out there, seen by millions in the image displayed above. This seed is the one that started the entire creepypasta rumor of Herobrine, the horrifying Minecraft villain. This seed is a Java seed, found in the game version Alpha 1.0.

What is the seed for a abandoned village? ›

1) Abandoned village beside shipwreck (Seed: 503820740)

This seed spawns players between three of the most commonly known biomes of Minecraft – the Savanna, Beach, and Plains biomes. The spawning area is located in the Plains biome, while an abandoned village is located right beside it, inside the Savanna biome.

What's the flattest seed in Minecraft? ›

Sunflower Kingdom

This seed will spawn players inside of a plains biome and also right in front of a sunflower patch. This is a very flat seed, and probably one of the best seeds players can enter to build. This seed is flat for a pretty long way.

What is the seed for a huge village? ›

3) 8081493198926661304. This is a very esthetically pleasing seed. Players will spawn in a large village that is generated in the middle of a flower forest biome, which adds a very colorful touch to the scenery.

What is the hardest 1.18 seed? ›

Tiny Island

This is one of the hardest Minecraft seeds for 1.18, simply because there are not many materials to work with on land. You spawn on a small island surrounded by water and not much else.

Which seed will grow in 10 days? ›

Squash seeds are quite sturdy and fairly simple to grow, germinating in 6 to 10 days.

Which seed is grow fast? ›

Radishes (Raphanus sativus)

They are perfect for kids' gardens because of how quickly they grow. They can be harvested as quickly as three weeks after planting.

Is Rice a seed? ›

Rice is a small edible seed that is cultivated from grain plants around the world.

What is the weirdest seed in Minecraft? ›

1) Cursed Mangrove Village (57000088)

At the coordinates (X: -368, Z: 192), players can find a savanna village that has been abandoned and completely engulfed by a mangrove swamp. Players will want to head to this village with caution and the right equipment, as they may encounter a few undead inhabitants.

What are seven seeds? ›

Sesame Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, 2 Sunflower Seeds, Musk Melon Seeds.

What is the best seed for diamonds? ›

Seed: -1240247800

Upon entering this seed code, you will spawn to a ravine with an uninhabited mineshaft. Nearer to this mineshaft you can find a blacksmith hamlet where you can find a lot of diamonds.

What is the most unluckiest Minecraft seed? ›

World Seed 1350192798 is one of the worst world seeds for its spawn point alone. Players spawned into this seed are spawned in a ravine that is half lava, half water. Due to this, players are spawned immediately into lava or into water pushing them toward the lava.

What is the best speedrun 1.17 1 seed? ›

The number 1 choice of any record-holding Minecraft Speedrunner is the seed - 3294725893620991126. It gets the player going by spawning them in a village. This Minecraft World record seed gives players a simple admittance to the Nether as a chest of obsidian and an iron pickaxe is available inside arm's range.

Which is the most luckiest seed in Minecraft? ›

1) Mushroom Island Seed: 7749012223532925400

Every Minecraft player knows that the mushroom islands biome is the rarest and one of the best biomes in the game. This is primarily because no mobs can spawn there. Well, this seed contains one of the biggest mushroom islands in existence.

What is the best 1.17 speedrun seed? ›

Best Minecraft seeds for speedrunning
  • Seed -4530634556500121041, Version 1.16. ...
  • Seed -8767654563534078661, Version 1.17. ...
  • Seed -3294725893620991126, Version 1.17. ...
  • Seed 2483313382402348964, Version 1.16. ...
  • Seed 3740645539312026983, Version 1.17. ...
  • Seed 8767524212631430171, Version 1.16. ...
  • Seed -6437212011562636058, Version 1.16.
11 Mar 2022

How do you get sharpness 1000 in Minecraft 1.17 in Java? ›

The standard syntax in Minecraft to create a 1000+ Sharpness weapon is "/give @p <item>{Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:<number>}]}" placed in the game's chat window. This command can also be applied to other items that can receive a Sharpness enchantment, such as an axe.

WHO top 1 a speedrun in Minecraft? ›

Minecraft: Fastest Speedruns
  • 5/11 Glitched In 2 Minutes 45.2 Seconds by QuartixRu.
  • 4/11 Glitched In 2 Minutes 42 Seconds by ClimbingSum34.
  • 3/11 Glitched In 2 Minutes 40 Seconds by Ningkaiyang.
  • 2/11 Glitchless In 2 Minutes 23 Seconds by Ax3roth.
  • 1/11 Glitchless In 2 Minutes 3 Seconds by Rayoh.
7 Apr 2022

What is Dream's speedrun seed? ›

Dream Seed (Seed: 6798331664095837875)

This particular Minecraft 1.16 seed has been used by Dream in one of his videos and is excellent for speedrunning. You can also easily find a buried treasure map to get your hands on some easily found resources.

What seed did dream use in his speedrun? ›

The seed used for the DreamSMP server is: 5826025064014972987. The other seed that Dream is known for is his 1.14 speedrun leaderboard seed. With this seed, he scored a 32-minute long run, making him an official speedrunner.

What seed has diamonds? ›

5) 17 Diamond Batch (-6859058234738549009)

Once players start digging, they can find the treasure of this seed's early offerings. A few hundred blocks from the spawn, players can find a diamond batch of approximately 17 diamonds at (X:-59, Y:-13, Z:-107).

What seed do speedrunners use? ›

2) Speedrunner's Delight (Seed: 6254448515498253750)

With this particular Minecraft seed, you spawn into a world that has easy access to all that you'll need to finish your speedrun as quickly as possible.

What is the fastest speedrun? ›

As of March 23, 2022, the world record for this category, dubbed "0 star," is 6 minutes, 27 seconds and 380 milliseconds, by Japanese speedrunner Kanno.

How do you get a level 255 Enchantment? ›

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Run the command +/give @p diamond_sword{Enchantments:[ ...
  2. Hover over the item, you will see that the enchantment level displays as level 255.
  3. If you summon a mob with high health such as the command /summon wither , you will not be able to instantly kill it.
8 Jul 2021

How do you get a level 30 Enchantment Table 1.17 1? ›

Enhancing the enchantment table with bookshelves. You can make the enchantment table more powerful using bookshelves. Surrounding the table with bookshelves will give you access to higher enchantment levels, up to maximum level of 30. To reach level 30, you'll need 15 bookshelves total.


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