Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (2023)

Want to change up the way you play Minecraft? Maybe start off with a map that isn’t a complete surprise? To do that, you could use some seeds that match what you’re looking for. It just so happens that we have a nice selection of the top 10 best Nintendo Switch Minecraft seeds just waiting for you to check out.

Best Minecraft Nintendo Switch Seeds

10. Mountain Valleys, Snow Tops, and Big Cave

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (1)

Seed: 3820

If you’re looking for a Minecraft seed with a sprawling landscape to enjoy, one that’s seemingly the perfect place to build, this is the seed for you.

What makes this seed particularly nice is just how picture perfect the mountains are. Several come together to create a beautiful and natural valleys, topped with snow and varied topography. Plenty of caves are strewn about, along with a great, big hole you can go spelunking in that surely has diamonds inside. Also, if you travel further into the valley, you’ll find a massive cave to explore.

9. Large Island Split by a Ravine

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (2)

Seed: -1992876879

What a sight to behold! This Minecraft seed is a lot of fun if you like challenging yourself. It’s not exactly a hardcore survival map, but it does start you off on a big island, accompanied by a smattering of little islands. In the distance, you’ll also see other islands to explore, but unless you plan on swimming for a while, you’re going to need a boat.

Another fun twist this seed holds is the huge ravine that nearly splits the island in two. It’s a deep one, too, and likely holds plenty of diamonds to mine. You’ll have to prepare beforehand if you plan on jumping in.

8. Melting Pot of Biomes

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (3)

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Seed: 2079142724

One of the best aspects of Minecraft is getting to witness the diversity of biomes and what each one holds. If you love having access to a wide variety of materials right away, this seed is for you.

Featured in this seed is a melting pot of biomes. As soon as you spawn, you’ll not be in just one or two, but five different biomes at the very start. Climb to the top of the nearest mountain to see how mesa breaks off at sand and forest, and behold the hot desert of savannah along with a great jungle to explore. There’s even vast snowy plains for collecting snowballs.

7. Speedrun Minecraft in Minutes

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (4)

Seed: 376166226

Do you love speedrunning? Well, then it’s your lucky day because this Minecraft seed is all about speedrunning, and if you’re good enough, you can do it in minutes.

The secret to this seed is the closeness of all the major materials and goodies for reaching the end of the game as fast as possible. You spawn just outside a village, built near a ravine that’s housing natural waterfalls, lava, and a sprawling dungeon. Head inside and you’ll find plenty of chests to prepare for the road ahead, as well as the End Portal itself.

6. Landmass Split Six Ways by a River

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (5)

Seed: 12487266664

What’s arguably the best kind of seeds are ones that create interesting landmarks, so if you love varied landscape and want to bring along a few buddies, try this one out.

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At the start, you’ll see a large village, overlooking a pool. Climb high enough and you’ll then discover that pool is a river that splits the landmass six ways. This means if you brought a few friends, each of you can claim a spot, using the rivers as a soft border where everyone can build creative bridges to connect each and every landmass. In fact, why not expand the village that’s already there across the entire river?

5. Village Spawn Atop Stronghold, Surrounded By Islands

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (6)

Seed: 542630838

Sometimes Minecraft cooks up weird maps, like a village in the middle of the ocean. It just so happens this seed does exactly that. If you don’t mind being stranded for a while, try this one out.

As soon as you spawn in, you’ll be greeted by a quant village that somehow has the funds to afford not one, but three blacksmiths. No matter—that’s easy loot, right? However, the real treat is underneath the island and the village, at the bottom of the ocean: a great, big stronghold to explore. But wait, there’s more:

  • Stronghold: 1399, 49
  • Ocean Monument: 1360, -180
  • Shipwreck: 1143, -790

4. Spawn Near Multiple Dungeons

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (7)

Seed: 1957541398

Who doesn’t love raiding dungeons? It’s a quick way to gather some high-value weapons, tools, armor, even food, especially if they’re nearby. If you want to start off on the right foot, check this Minecraft seed out.

What this seed has going for it, compared to others, is a large network of dungeons very close to one another. We aren’t talking one or two, but seven! And the best part? All the dungeons are within reach of where you initially spawn, so you can start collecting good loot right away. You can find the dungeons here, at these locations:

(Video) TOP 10 BEST SEEDS FOR MINECRAFT! (Pocket Edition, PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC)

  • 50, 57, 51
  • 27, 32, 55
  • 60, 58, 31
  • 56, 38, -76
  • -18, 52, -13
  • 291, 51, 536
  • 43, 91, -296

3. Massive Woodland Mansion and Ravine

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (8)

Seed: 2033394339

You don’t like dying, right? Of course not—no one does. It’d be great if you had a Totem of Undying or two, but those are tough to come by unless you know where to find a woodland mansion.

In this seed, there’s a truly massive woodland mansion you can raid to your heart’s content at these coordinates: 526, 91, 81. However, before you take on those evokers and vindicators, you should stock up on supplies like good weapons and armor. Luckily, this seed also features a large ravine at these coordinates: 346, 31, -186. You’ll find plenty of good materials inside.

2. Underground Desert

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (9)

Seed: -1397598530

While it’s true that Minecraft can cook up some strange maps, other times it generates spectacular landscapes, like this seed!

This seed doesn’t exactly have anything particularly special in terms of dungeons and whatnot—although you’ll find them if you look hard enough. No, this one’s special because it generated a vast underground desert. Go check it out at these coordinates: -450, 54, 75.

1. Large Survival Island

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Minecraft Seeds (10)

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Seed: -1566442267

Are you a big fan of survival mode? Do you feel like taking a more hardcore route to Minecraft? You’ll find this seed quite the challenge, then.

When you start in this map, you get immediately dumped onto an island. Even worse, your resources will be severely limited, so choose what you build wisely. If you can spare the resources, there’s a shipwreck to explore located very close to the island; in fact, you can even see it from the shores.

And that does it with the top 10 best Nintendo Switch Minecraft seeds! There’s something here for everyone, and don’t be afraid to try something new, like the more challenging seeds. It also goes without saying that Minecraft is a lot more fun with friends. But, if you get a wee bit bored, we’ve got you covered.

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