The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (2022)

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January 26th, 10:03 AM EST

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Why make this list?

If you are like many League of Legends players chances are you have played in Low ELO at some point in your career. Unlike the popular consensus on Reddit that every one is challenger and has always been challenger. Memes aside, most of us the league community is somewhere between iron and gold ELO. In fact in most region’s platinum 4 makes you in the top 10 to 15 percent of League of Legends players. In Season One when ranked first came out I had no focus and played every role and every champion. I quickly fell to 800 ELO likely the equivalent of bronze 5 at the time, and it took me 1000 games of try Harding to climb to a respectable ELO of 1900 at the time. If I had a list like this that gave me some direction it likely would have taken me significantly fewer games and I would climb much faster. It is my goal with this list to show newer and older League of Legends players A list of strong champions that are exceptionally gifted at carrying low ELO games allowing you to start smurfing and go from boosted to booster. That is not to say that there are no other champions that can accomplish this just that simply these are champions that fit my criteria of what I have found effective in order to have a high influence on your win rate in lower ELO games. I hope you enjoy my list of the Top 10 Best champions to Carry Low ELO With.

How many champions Are There in League of Legends?

Unlike when I first started playing ranked and there was probably only 50 to 60 champions As of December 21st 2020 There are many Leagues of Legends champions. How many leagues of Legends champions are there you ask? With the recent release of Rell there are 153 different Leagues of Legends champions, and while it is possible to climb in ELO with every single one of them some champions and roles are simply better suited for climbing than others, and akin to that often more fun as well.


I have found that the key to finding effective champions to carry low elo is to pick champions and roles that have a lot of agency.That is champions and roles that have a large imapct on the outcome of the game. Simply put you are the reason you win and you are the reason you lose. The more agency you have with you role and champion the less impact your teammates have on whether you win or lose. To compare to football A quarter back would have the most agency where as a kicker would have far less. The Critea I have found to be the most impactful in my 11 years of playing the game are as follows:

Farming Ability:

The faster and better champions are at farming the more easily they can accumulate gold regardless of what else is happening in the game. Farming is the most consistent way to acquire gold and thus items in League of Legends. Sometimes the enemy laners will make a lot of mistakes and give up free kills early but this does not always happen. Farming allows you to acquire large amounts of gold more without relying on killing your opponent. The more gold you have the better items you can buy which will accelerate your scaling and carry potential.

Roaming Ability:

Champions that have roaming ability can move around the map and impact affect other lanes increasing you overall influnece especilly on the early and mid game. This allows you to help your weaker teammates out early to make sure they don’t fall behind early. It also gives you an opportunity to tilt the other team and make their mental suffer. Champions with good map mobility can often snowball a game early and make the enemy team surrender. Although there are times when this is not the case so strong scaling can be a good insurance policy.Other factors that make champions good at roaming include CC, Burst Damage and Stealth.

Early Game Strength:

Whether it be due to an oppressive laning phase on high kill potential Champions that are strong early can impact the map right away through winning early fights or by picking up turret plates and accelerating gold income. This allows you to start the game off with a boom get early item power spikes and quickly win games allowing you to climb faster. One of the best ways to win games at lower ELO and reduce the chance your teammates throw is to get the enemy team to FF at 15. Also if you’re doing well early it’s also that much more likely that your team doesn’t surrender as well.

Pick Potenial:

Champions with good pick potential can greatly influence a game and your win rate. Those especially who are strong early can catch their opponents off guard in lower ELOs. Picks in the early game allow you to build an early lead and in the late game, they can flat out win a game. A pick on a carry right before a baron or elder dragon can outright win the game. In general Lower rank players don’t typically respect matchups or players missing off the map and won’t play accordingly. This can allow you to more easily capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes and snowball the game more easily. Champions with high damage or cc early on in the game can take advantage of early skirmishes and kill windows that other champions cant. Another positive thing to have is a good escape ability that will allow you to get out after committing for a kill.

Split Pushing Ability:

Split pushing is a very good way to carry low ELO games in Solo queue. The enemy team will very rarely be coordinated enough to shut you down efficiently. This will allow you to apply pressure on the map and win games while relying less on your team. Good split pushers can stall out games when you are behind giving your team more chances to win and while ahead close out winning games faster. It’s also very frustrating to deal with and ofter will lead to the enemy team tilting and making mistakes. The best qualities that make a good split pusher include 1v1 ability, escape potential, sustain, wave clear speed, and tower killing ability.

Late Game Strength:

No matter how well you play early sometimes, games will make it to late game. The worst feeling in a game is when your champion has been out-scaled and your options to win get slimmer with each passing minute. When you pick a strong scaling champion, you have a get-out-of-jail free card and insurance policy. So, you messed up your early game? Who cares. Having strong scaling prevents the enemy from coming back when your ahead, and allows games to still be winnable when behind. You can use techniques like farming and split pushing to delay and stall out the game. Eventually, you will of acquired enough gold to get to the point where you can 1v5 a team fight with the sure amount of damage you can do since you picked a champion who scales well.


Some league of legends champions are just harder to play than others. They can require a large time investment to even get above a 50 percent win rate. Champions that have a high skill floor and require less barrier to entry. This allows you to perform well on a champion without a large time investment. This does not mean that the specific champion cant have a high skill potential or cap just because the floor is high. You will have a much easier time winning games on champions that require fewer games to be mechanically proficient on which will allow you to focus on what actually wins games macro and teamwork. For clarification purposes a champion with a high diffculty rating means the champion is easy to learn.


In No Particular Order the Top 10 Champions For Carrying Low Elo Are Tristana, Ekko, Twitch, Evelynn, Talon, Tryndamere, Jax, Master Yi Annie and Vladimir. Keep reading to find out why and see who ranks the highest based on my criteria above.


Vladimir #10

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (2)

Pick Potential 6 out of 10

Vladimir doesn’t have a strong early game and lacks hard crowd control as mentioned earlier so he typically struggles to pick people off quickly. That said Vlad is an excellent tower diver with his sanguine pool allowing him to drop tower aggro whenever he pleases.

Splitpushing 7.5 out of 10

While Vlad isn’t the best tower killer or 1v1 champion when it comes to fighting other hyper carries, he is generally able to relentlessly push a lane with his late-game wave clear and sustain. He can then use the pressure to look for team fight flanking opportunities on the enemy’s backline where he excels.

Difficulty 8 out of 10

Vlad has a relatively high floor being that he has built-in sustain and no mana costs to manage. His abilities are either non skill shots or easy to land. Just play safe early until you get a couple of levels on him and then it’s a breeze from there.

Overall Rating 6.85

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

Vladimir is a a scaling AOE mage with tons of built in sustain , who benefits highly from levels and items. His Early Game is weak but he makes up for it with great scaling and team fight prowess. He is capable of carrying games very hard if you can learn to mitigate his weaknesses and avoid feeding early. He should be played mostly in mid lane or top lane. Elite 500 is a good player to watch to pick up vlad.

Farming 8 Out Of 10

Vladimir is not the best farmer early while his Transfusion (Q) and Tides Of Blood (E) still have long cooldowns. His auto attack animation isn’t the best either. However, once you start picking up some ability haste and levels he is able to spam his abilities to quickly clear out minion waves indefinitely while sustaining himself up in the process.

Roaming 4 out of 10

Vlad essentially has nothing in his kit to help him get around the map faster. He has no way of getting over walls or speeding himself up other than using summoner spells. Vladimir also lacks hard CC and only has a minor slow on his Sanguine Pool (W).

Early Game 5 out of 10

While Vladimir’s early game Isn’t the best once he hits level 9 his Transfusion can keep himself sustained on a low cooldown. This allows Vladimir to whittle down his opponents eventually diving them with his ultimate. Once he gets his first major item he starts being a good team fighter with the AOE damage amplification from his ultimate Hemoplauge (R) in conjunction with his Sanguine Pool, Tides of Blood Combo.

Late Game. 9.5 out of 10

Vladimir is one of the best scaling mages in the game, later on, in the game a well-placed Hemoplauge into his sanguine pool tides of blood combo can easily wipe out the enemy team’s carries. Vlad’s passive allows him to increase his HP through building AP and vice versa and combined with the low cooldowns, sustain, and high AP rations on the rest of his kit make Vladimir become a hard to kill AOE damage monster in the late game.

Ekko #9

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (3)

Pick Potential 8 out of 10

Ekko has good burst damage with his Phase Dive Time Winder combo into Passive Proc combo and the ability to set up picks by landing a well-placed stun with his Parallel Convergence. He can then use his Chronobreak to jump safely back out of harm’s way. His burst early game is a little reliant on making sure you land everything tho allow late game one hit of his Time Winder an auto and his phase dive can one-shot squishes.

Split Pushing 8.5

Ekko is an excellent split pusher as he can quickly clear out minion waves with Time Winder Hitting all the minions and then cleaning up the Melee’s and cannons with his Z-Drive Resonance passive.

Ekko has good one versus one potential with the ability to go in and out of fights with burst damage and mobility. Ekko can use his Chronobreak to turn around a fight by catching enemies off guard with the repositioning, healing, and large burst damage. If you cant win the 1v1 you can use the movement speed from his passive to try and run away. He also has relatively good flanking with his Parallel Convergence but if he is spotted out on an enemy ward it is easily avoidable.

Difficulty 8 out Of 10

Ekko is a fairly easy champion to learn due to his relatively low mana costs, good wave clear, and safety that his ultimate bring him. Although he is easy to pick up for these reasons, Ekko does have a lot of intricacies and combos to get the maximum value out of his kit. One example is his stun interaction with his Chronobreak and Parallel Convergence. It requires some forethought to set up but can be a game-changing combo. Overall it is important to maximize your passive which will improve your damage and mobility in fights. This will allow you to get the most out of Ekko.

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

Ekko is kind of in the jack of all trades master of none category. That said he is above average at everything. He is able to carry in a variety of ways from team fighting to split pushing to snowballing lanes early. Is playable in most roles however in recommend taking him jungle or mid lane. He can also perform decently as a top laner but the matchups are typically tougher up there and you will have less agency on the game. Maxske is a Ekko main with some good informative content on his channel.

Farming 8

With Time Winder(Q) Ekko can easily clear out minion waves once it has a few levels in it with its relatively low cooldown and large AOE. He is also able to easily last hit from the bonus damage on his Parallel Convergence(W) passive as well as on the 3rd stack of his Z-Drive Resonance(Champion Passive) if he hits both parts of Time Winder.

Roaming 7.5 out of 10

Ekko has an above-average roaming ability thanks to the map mobility he gets from his Phase Dive(E). This ability can go over most small to medium size walls on a relatively low cooldown. Against an over-extended enemy a well-placed Parallel Convergence can cut off an enemy’s escape path and in some situations, you can stun them and follow up with your burst. With Ekkos Chronobreak(R) You can also do nifty tricks like land a stun with your parrel convergence or recall and Chronobreak back to a fight or lane although it is situational and most of the time you are better off using it for other reasons like staying alive.

Early Game 8 out of 10

Ekko spikes on one item that being Protobelt and continues to scale adequately from there. The new Protobelt gives a big burst of move speed makes it even easier to get off your Parallel Convergence stun which will allow you to easily follow up with your burst combo. The protobelt also adds extra damage and with ignite, you are easily able to burst out most champions. Also after reaching 6, he is incredibly hard to kill and a nice Chronobreak can often turn around a fight.

Late Game 8.5 out Of 10

8.5 Ekko has excellent ap ratios on his abilities as well as low cooldowns later on in the game He synergizes very well with lich bane allowing, even more, AP scaling in his kit. His one weakness is that in order to maximize his damage he has to commit to a fight pretty hard which is usually fine due to his Chronobreak but in the late game a coordinated team can hard cc and burst him out which will prevent you from using his ultimate.

Jax #8

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (4)

Pick Potential 7 out of 10

Jax has reasonable pick potential with respectable bust damage and a hard cc from his Counter-Strike. However, his combo is short-range and requires him to fully commit himself. After getting a pick his ability to escape afterward is not as good as real assassins like talon or zed.

Split Pushing 9 out of 10

Even though Jax is not the fastest champion at clearing out minion waves, he is a great tower killer. Jax can also 1v1 the vast majority of champions with his damage mitigation tools Counter-Strike and his Grandmasters’ Might active. His mixed damage combined with sustain that he gets from Conquer and other items allow him to out DPS most champions. Jax is also tanky enough to survive burst from his opponents and will out stat check the vast majority of champions. The enemy team will often have to send multiple champions to deal with him. Even when outnumbered he can either escape with his Leap Strike or even turn on his opponents if they underestimate him.

Difficulty 9 out of 10

Jax is relatively easy to learn being reliant on mostly auto attacks and targetted abilities. Players of Jax who can attack move well and use his auto-attack resets will at least be able to perform reasonably well on him. The most difficult thing with Jax is to not feed early and if you can learn his matchups and avoid dying too much early with him you will have an easy time transitioning into the mid-game. Even if you do mess up early his excellent scaling allows you to come back later on in the game.

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

Jax is an excellent one versus one champion that scales and itemizes incredibly well. Late Game he is a hard to kite, tanky, DPS machine that can win the vast majority of fights and stuff on ADCs for breakfast. I suggest you play Jax top lane but he is decent at mid and jungle as well. Neace has some good coaching videos of Jax on his youtube channel.

Farming 6.5 out of 10

Jax is a slightly above-average farmer. While he can easily last hit with his relatively low mana cost Leap Strike (Q) and empower (W), he doesn’t have any way to farm at range or AOE down minion waves. His Grandmasters’ Might (R Passive) And His Relentless Assault(champion passive) champions passive does allow his DPS to ramp up over time and clear minion waves out at least a half-decent pace.

Roaming 7.5 out of 10

Jax is a decent roamer with his relatively high base MS and his Leap Strike into Counter-Strike(E) stun. He has high burst damage and performs and his best chance of picking champions off is in the jungle where it is harder for enemies to avoid his counter stirk. However, while Jax’s leap strike does give him some mobility it is reliant on having a unit to jump to which makes it more situational than other champions’ mobility spells. Also if you spam Jax’s Leap Strike for mobility it can start to quickly drain his mana.

Early Game 7 out of 10

Jax is reasonably strong early in some matchups. He does best where his opponents rely on auto-attacks with his Counter-Strike can dodge a lot of the enemies’ damage and get good trades. At levels 6 he also gets a good spike from his high base damage 3 hit Grandmasters’ Might passive. In some matchups, he does need to wait till he picks up his major first item before winning trades and needs to play more passive early as a result.

Late Game 9.5 out of 10

Jax scales very well with items due to his strong AP and AD ratios. He also has a lot of free built-in Attack speed from Relentless assault scaling up as he gets levels. Jax also has low CD auto-attack reset that has decent base damage and synergizes exceptionally well with his Grandmasters’ Might 3rd hit allowing him to not only be great at sustained damage but allowing him to one combo burst squishier champions during the duration of his Counter-Strike Stun. The cherry on the top is his ability to gain damage mitigation through his Grandmasters’ Might active giving him a solid amount of magic and armor resists. Each point in his ultimate also significantly scales up the free damage he gets. Jax also excels at dealing both physical and magic damage while working with a variety of different item builds which makes him incredibly effective at itemizing against his opponent’s damage types while at the same time he is difficult to itemize defensively against. Many of his items also give damage and tankiness and combined with the armor and magic resists from his ultimate. This essentially makes Jax a high burst and sustained tanky DPS champion with incredible stickiness due to his low cd Leap Strike.

Talon #7

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (5)

Pick Potential 9 out of 10

Talons mobility, stealth ultimate, and high burst damage give him an excellent ability to pick off stragglers and then escape. The only thing he lacks is hard CC so certain champions with excellent escapes or damage mitigation abilities are able to escape from him and could bait him into overcommitting.

Split Pushing 8.5 out of 10

Talon while not the best 1v1er in the game he is able to burst out weaker champions in one versus ones.

Talon’s extreme mobility and excellent escape allow him to quickly rotate to and from side lanes. This allows him to apply split pressure and then rotate to set up flanks or join team fights and skirmishes.

Difficulty 6.5 out of 10

Talon isn’t extremely difficult due to having no skill shots however he can be a little tricky to manage mana on. In addition, while his abilities aren’t too difficult to land it can take a little bit of practice to hit both hits of his Rake and Shadow Assault consistently. Talon is also susceptible to being poked out during the laning phase. It is important to learn how much damage your combo does at certain periods of the game as if you commit his ultimate you better be sure you can kill or you risk dying yourself.

Overall Rating 8 out of 10

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

If you like roaming, play talon as he is the roaming god. Talon is an assassins with high burst damage and mobility. He is a little harder to play as his early game isn’t the best but if you can learn him you are able so quickly snowball games out of control with his ability to affect other lanes. Talon is most effective in mid lane but can have success in top lane or jungle as well. Yamikaze is a high ranked talon player you can watch to help you pick up the champion.

Farming 7 out of 10

Talon has reasonable wave clear with his Rake (w) but early on he is gated by mana for it and strong early game ranged champions can zone him off-farm early in some matchups. Additionally as of the item update he no longer builds Tiamat early so his wave clear suffers as a result. That said he can use his mobility to quickly move around the map and pick up side lane farm once he as some levels under his belt.

Roaming 10 out of 10

Talon has some of the best map mobility in the game rivaled only by a high ability haste blue Kayn. He gets access to his mobility early and it continues to improve as he builds items such as Yomuus Ghostblade that further improve his already excellent mobility. On top of his Assassins Path (E) his ultimate Shadow Assault (r) further adds to his burst damage and can be used to speed himself up and go invisible.

Talon has excellent burst damage, stealth, and a solid slow from his rake this combined with his insane mobility makes talon one of the best roamers in the game and able to quickly snowball games out of control.

Early Game 8 out of 10

Talon only really needs one item to start 100 to zeroing squishes with his ultimate plus ignite combo. While his Pre Level Six isn’t the best in some matchups you can catch squishy champions off guard with a quick Rake , Noxian Diplomacy, a combo which will proc the bleed from his Blade’s End (champion passive) Follow this up with ignite and you can pick up easy kills in the early game.

Late Game 7.5 out of 10

while talon does fall off a little bit late game when enemy carries start picking up more defensive-oriented items such as Guardian’s Angel or Zhonya’s Hourglass, his damage doesn’t really fall off as he has excellent AD ratios on his abilities and passive. His mobility is still an asset in the lame game when it comes to managing minion waves and pulling off late-game team fight flanks.

Evelynn #6

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (6)

Pick Potential 10 out of 10

As mentioned earlier lower ELO players don’t respect stealth. Simply sneak upon an enemy and enjoy your free kills. Evelynn has an exceptionally potent burst combo with her Allure(W) charm offering hard CC into her Whiplash(E) plus Hatespike. This combo is more than enough to get most champions below half in which her Last caress(R) with its high base damage and missing health execute mechanic will kill all but the toughest of champions. On top of the large amount of damage it does, Last Caress can reposition Evelynn and make her avoid damage. This allows her to cleanly escape after a kill, making her one of the best assassins in the game.

Split Pushing 10 out of 10

Evelynn is a decent split pusher as her stealth allows her to clear a wave and then look for a loop around kill when they send someone to respond. If Evelynn can’t kill the champ they send her roam and look for a flank opportunity. Despite this strength, Evelynn isn’t the fastest wave pusher nor best 1v1er when being engaged on and her tower killing isn’t the greatest.

Difficulty 8 out of 10

Evelynn is relatively easy to learn champion mainly for the reason that she has no skill shots and can easily kite and burst jungle camps. Her Demon shade passive allows her to sustain and keep herself healthy while clearing. Her combos are relatively easy to execute especially in low ELO where people are less likely to notice the direction of your charm.

The most important thing with Evelynn is to make sure your jungle path relatively efficient in order to not fall too far behind in experience. While early ganks can work it is typically better to focus on hitting level six in order to unlock the full strength of her kit.

Overall Rating 8.14 out of 10

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

Evelynn is the only champion in the game with Permanent stealth. This is a incredible unique trait that she as that lets her pressure the map unlike any other Jungler. She is able to easily snowball games with her incredible roaming and burst potential. Evelynn is not great at trading other champions and thus should be played in the jungle to maximize her strengths. Kingstix is an excellent Evelynn player if youd like to learn the champion.

Farming 7 out of 10

Evelynn is a reasonable farmer with relatively low mana costs or her low cooldown AOE Hate Spike (Q) and her Allure(W) charm does extra damage to monsters white crowd controlling them. Post 6 Evelynn can use her stealth go scout areas ahead of time to know when it is safe to commit to a wave or jungle camp. That said she isn’t the faster clearer or pusher in the game and some jungle can outpace her if you opt for a farm-style.


Roaming 10 out of 10

Evelynn is one of the best roamers in the game able to put pressure on the map whenever she is unseen which is pretty much always post six thanks to her Demon Shade(Champion Passive). Evelynn remains stealthed, unless close to an enemy champion or spotted out by a control ward or one of her camps is warded while she is clearing it. Luckily in low ELO people buy control wards significantly less. League is a game of information and when you lack it mistakes will happen. Abuse this about Evelynn and roam around the map picking up free kills.

Early Game 7 out of 10

While Evelynn is weak pre-six, upon reaching level six she becomes a monster with her high burst damage and permanent stealth. As long as she isn’t drastically behind Evelynn is able to assassinate most squishy champions from very early on in the game. It is suggested on Evelynn that you mostly focus on jungle pathing to level six rather than trying to go for early kills. However, if an enemy is vastly overextended in a volatile matchup it can be worth ganking pre-six.

Late Game 8.5 out of 10

Evelynn has excellent scaling on her kit with high AP rations and her flat damage is high and she also has percent damage on her Whip Lash to make her damage against tanky champions relevant. The power of her permanent stealth never falls off and is an asset when it comes to securing vision around objectives and good team fight positioning. A farmed Evelynn is more can almost always take out a few champions with her. Evelynn Whiplash also applies on hit affects allowing excellent synergy with items such as lich bane. That said she isn’t the best champion in terms of sustained DPS and will struggle to take out entire teams by herself unlike a twitch or master yi.

Twitch #5

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (7)

Pick Potential 9 out of 10

As mentioned earlier Twitch’s stealth from ambush and his long-range ultimate spray and pray as well as the ability to secure kills with his contaminate execute give him the excellent ability to assassinate enemies and make sure he gets the last hit. Very few champions can survive A twitch ambush once twitch gets a few items due to his excellent damage and range with spray and pray. This him to easily pick off champions and continue snowballing until he becomes a 1v5 team fighting machine.

Split Pushing 8 out of 10

While twitch is not the greatest one versus one champion and should focus more on team fighting, he can shove out minion waves and go invisible effectively wasting their time especially if he can spot out the enemy team on a vision ward beforehand. If the enemy team sends a weak champion to respond to his push he can easily stealth and then loop back around for the kill. Twitch is also a decent tower killer and his flanks can be devastating after pushing out a lane and coming in from the side.

Difficulty 8 out Of 10

Difficulty 8 out of 10

Twitch is an easy champion to pick up and is relatively straight forward. Twitch doesn’t have hard to land skill shots and his kit is basically auto a few times then e. The key to mastering twitch is becoming proficient at orb walking and learning how to position with him. Other than that just focus on getting gold and abusing your ambush stealth. Eventually, you will start dominating team fights with spray and pray’s massive damage to an entire team at once.

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

Twitch is a late-game monster that scales exceptionally well with items and can do enough damage late game to carry an entire team fight by himself. He is an excellent roaming champion with great pick and team fight potential. However, he is a weak laner as an AD carry and for this reason, I recommend playing him in the jungle as AD or as an AP support. Both of these roles allow him to focus on his strengths and be less reliant on getting an easy matchup in the lane. Rat IRL is one of the best twitch players you can watch.

Farming 6.5 out of 10

Twitch is a slightly above-average farmer with solid auto-attack animation and above-average AD for a ranged champion. He can last hit multiple minions with his venom cask(w) into contaminate (e)combo, however, this combo is very mana intensive. He is not the faster jungle clearer before he gets items but his strong ganks and roaming potential make up for it. With jungle twitch Once he gets a Runnan’s Hurricane, it allows him to apply his passive to multiple creeps at once and then Contaminate e to clear out creeps fast without having to waste mana on his venom cask. As for Support twitch, he will not be farming and will spend time using his strong roaming kit to pick up kills for gold income instead.

Roaming 9.5 out of 10

Twitch is an excellent roamer with his on-demand Ambush(Q) stealth allowing him to get into an optimal position to do damage, while also functioning as an AS steroid to improve his DPS. This attack speed combined with a hail of blades allows him to quickly stack Deadly Venom(champ passive) and follow it up with Heavy burst from Contaminate. If any enemy flashes away he can use Spray and Pray(R) to finish them off and stay within auto attack range. His ambush can also be used to get around the map quicker as it offers 10 percent move speed.

Early Game 7 out of 10

Twitch’s early game is only slightly above average. Twitch is a squishy low range champion pre-level six and can be bursted and shutdown in lane vs high burst cc lanes such as Draven Leona(RIP Team Liquid). However, with the introduction of excellent AP scaling on his kit in the new season he can trade and poke relying less on autos and it also opens up the possibility of him playing in the support role. This allows twitch to focus more on roaming than farming. However when played in the jungle if you don’t have Blue buff you can run out of mana quickly so beware of early game Junglers that can invade and deny his blue.

Late Game 10 out of 10

Twitch in my opinion is one of the best scaling champions in the game. A well placed spray and pray ultimate can wipe out an entire team in seconds. The attack speed from his ambush combined with the great ad and now ap scaling on his ultimate let twitch wipe out teams as either ap or ad. Ap doesn’t scale quite as hard against tanky champions as it is better for burst than DPS, but it spikes a lot earlier and isn’t reliant on having as much gold. Even as AP though the excellent true damage scaling on his Deadly Venom allows him to still deal respectable damage to tanks.

Tristana #4

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (8)

Pick Potential 8 out of 10

Tristana for an ADC champion has some of the best pick potential in the game If someone is overextended she can quickly rocket jump in slow them while following up with the massive burst from her explosive change and buster shot. I would recommend taking the hail of blades rune which will increase her burst potential even further. After picking up a kill she can rocket Jump back to safety. However, be careful of champions with hard cc that can interrupt or stop your jump.

Split Pushing 8.5

Tristana has excellent tower-killing abilities and wave clear. She is decent in a one versus one situation and can escape most champions by rocket jumping and buster shotting them away. If the champion has a hard cc try to buffer her jump as you get crowd-controlled in order to cancel it out. You must be careful about taking in all in after using her explosive charge on a turret as it is a large component of her damage especially early and mid-game. While Trist can escape most champions you must be careful against those with very fast move speed that can run her down in an extended lane. Against these champions try to use your jump over a wall if possible.

Difficulty 8 out Of 10

Tristana is a very easy champion to learn in the sense that she is mainly reliant on auto attacks and has a lot of inherent safety built-in with her rocket jump and buster shot. The important thing with Tristana is to learn how much damage your E and R combo will do to make sure you don’t ult away an enemy too early or too late. Another key thing to Tristana is to learn not to accidentally give up your life by over-committing for a kill and jumping in too soon. She is a champion with a high skill cap to get the most out of her but she is easy to pick up and have success with from the get-go.

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

lower ELO games I recommend playing Tristana mid or top lane.

Tristana scales very well with levels and her rocket jump allows her to safely lane. If you are winning lane with her or your opponent leaves to roam you can quickly destroy towers with your explosive change (E) and Rapid Fire( Q ) You can very easily get ahead of the gold curve of the game. Playing in a solo lane also means you less reliant on having a good support. That said if you are duo queue with a support player you trust she functions perfectly well as a bot laner.

Farming 9.5 out of 10

Tristana can clear waves extremely quickly and for no mana cost due to her explosive charge passive. she is able to kite jungle monsters with ease and do high damage to them with the extremely good ad ratio on her explosive change after auto-attacking 5 times. She is able to rotate to lanes and catch large waves and clear them out in seconds while being safe due to her Buster Shot(R) and Rocket Jump (W).

Roaming 7

Tristana is an ok roamer, being able to use her burst potential and rocket to pick up kills. In addition, if a turret is left exposed she can take them out with explosive charge and rapid-fire before the enemy team can react.

Early Game 8 out of 10

Tristana despite being a great scaling champion, can go for kills very early on in the game. She has excellent all in with gap closing on her rocket jump and large burst damage from her explosive charge and buster shot. . As mentioned earlier the Hail of blades rune spikes her early game even more allowing her to quickly access the maximum damage potential from her explosive charge as well the rocket jump reset it gives you after blowing it up from auto-attacks. Overall there are very few champions that can beat her all in at level two. Once she hits six she gets a targetted ability with her buster shot that does 300 damage at rank one which is even more than most mages ultimates.

Late Game 9.5

Tristana has great scaling as her auto attack range gets higher as she levels. Tristana’s kit allows her to self peel and keep enemies at bay while chewing through the front line with her explosive charge. She has one of the best AS steroids in the game at 110 percent and is able to spit out dps. Once enemies start dropping in the team fight she can rocket jump after rocket jump to clean the fight up. In addition, if she survives a team fight she can easily chew through baron or towers.

Tryndamere #3

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (9)

Pick Potential 6.5 out of 10

Tryndamere does not have the best pick potential early on in the game as he is unable to Hard CC enemy champions and burst them out quickly. If a champion is in a long lane or separated from their team in the jungle his spinning slash will let him catch up eventually and kill them. Late game when Tryndamere can kill an enemy in Two Autos and his Spinning Slash gets extremely low cd due to itemization he is much better in this regard.

Split Pushing 10 out of 10

Tryndamere in my opinion is the best spilt pusher in the game. He has everything you’re looking for in a split pusher, relentless wave clear, 1v1 ability, tower killing speed, great escape potential, and sustain. Tryndamere never has to back until he wants to due to his 0 cost abilities and excellent sustain. Tryndameres ultimate allows him to dive champions safely and make the enemy team think twice about who they send to match him. He can quickly clear out a wave and then take all the enemy jungle camps only to then pull off a team fight flank, barely survive, and then go immediately back to split pushing.

Difficulty 8 out of 10

Tryndamere is an easy champion to learn for lower ELO he has no mana costs, great sustain and his Undying Rage and Spinning Slash allows him to survive situations most other champions cant. Even if you mess up early with him you can still apply split push pressure and scale into the game. Also, lower ELO players typically won’t respect his ability to dive with his ult and will often get baited by it in one versus one situation.

The hardest thing about Tryndamere is his early laning phase, where he is susceptible to getting zoned off waves if you take a bad trade with no ability to CS at range. Although Tryndamere is easy to learn in order to master him you will have to work on your split push macro and map awareness.

Overall Rating 8.57 out of 10

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points: Tryndamere is the god of spilt pushing. He is extremely annoying to deal with due to his relentless onslaught on your minions and towers. Often when you try to stop him he will get away and simply waste your time while his team picks up other objectives. Tryndamere is best played in top lane or mid lane, although he can work as a jungler in lower ELO as well. For top lane Trynd I suggest watching Neace or FoggedFTW2. For the Real chads who wanna learn Mid Trynd, Yasukeh is your man.

Farming 9.5 out of 10

Tryndamere is one of the best champs at farming in the entire game. With High Base AD and Sustain from Bloodlust(Q) and Free crits via Battle Fury(Champion Passive). On top of this, his Spinning Slash(E) is a low cooldown zero cost ability that does AOE damage. It also allows Tryndamere to rotate around the map quickly and solo jungle camps with ease. His only weakness when it comes to farming is in early game where some matchups can poke him off the wave. Even so, Tryndamere is very easy to last hit under tower with. Overall Tryndamere is one of the few champions in the game that can easily hit over 10 cs per minute on a consistent basis, and when you master him even more is possible.

Roaming 9.5 out of 10

While Tryndamere is not the highest burst damage champion in the game and lacks hard CC he can get around the map extremely quickly with Spinning Slash going over most walls. Tryndamere is also an excellent tower diver with his Undying Rage (R) and slow from Mocking Shout(W). While Tryndamere’s ganking prowess is mediocre, he is able to affect the map in other ways like denying gold by taking enemy jungle camps and applying split push pressure.

Early Game 7 out of 10

Tryndamere as an ok early game with his crits and high base AD he as well as his Bloodlust giving him more attack damage the lower he is on hp. This can allow him to cheese kills in some matchups in the early game by catching his opponents off guard. If his early trades don’t go well he can get poked out early and zoned from some CS. It is easy to snowball in either direction with tryndamere.

Late Game 9 out of 10

Tryndamere has a great late game. He has massive crits and incredible stickiness with Spinning Slash. His Undying Rage ensures the enemy team will have to devote some resources on him. It will often take multiple champions to peel Tryndamere off a carry. Be careful not to over chase as it is often better to live and go heal off pushing a side lane then suicide for a kill. Tryndamere’s only late game weakness is that since he does entirely physical damage the enemy champions can stack armor, thus greatly reducing his ability to kill these champions quickly. Although in an extended one versus one he will still win late game against the vast majority of these champions.

Master Yi #2

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (10)

Pick Potential 8 out of 10

It Master Yi catches an opponent overextended in a side lane or away from their team in the jungle he does so much dam damage to any champion he can quickly kill them and run away with the movement speed from his ultimate. Sometimes when Yi is very fed one kill can lead to him killing the whole enemy team if their collapse on him isn’t coordinated enough.

Spiking Early

Split Pushing 9.5 out of 10

Master Yi is an excellent split pusher. He can kill towers extremely quickly with his double strike working on towers and the high base attack speed and AD he has. In some situations, He can use his ultimate to kill them even faster. He is excellent at 1v1ing with extremely high DPS, while being able to drop aggro and avoid damage with Alpha Strike and Meditate. The only thing Keeping Yi from being the best split pusher is that his escape is not the best in class and he is vulnerable to hard cc. That said he can often kill his way out of situations and take some champions down with him once he starts getting some items.

Difficulty 10 out of 10

Yi is one of the easiest champions in the game. He relies mostly on auto attacks and has no skill shots. Master Yi has so much move speed and attack speed that sometimes you can just Alpha Strike onto an opponent and take your hands off the keyboard. Even though Master Yi is easy to play he actually has an incredibly high skill cap to get the most out of him in terms of getting maximum value out of his q to dodge important abilities and to use his Meditate both as an auto-reset or to avoid damage. In addition, while Yi can fit in quite a few autos even without attack moving if you can learn to micro his high move speed and as you can get off even more autos during an exchange. That said in low ElO you can still have great success on Yi just by farming well and then stomping your opponents with items and stat checks.

Overall Rating 8.57 out of 10

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

Master Yi is the God Of DPS able to tear through any champion in the game with ease. His only weakness is hard crowd control, as he doesn’t care at all about slows. His kit scales extremely well with items but due to his high base damage, he also performs well early. In low ELO, he is the bane of everyone’s existence as when this champion gets ahead he quickly gets out of control. Master Yi is one of the easiest champions in the game to get a Penta Kill with.

I believe jungle is his most effective role however, he can also have success in mid and top lane. Cowsep is one of the more popular YI Streamers you can watch to help you pick up the champion.

Farming 9 of 10

Master Yi is an excellent farmer. He can quickly clear out minion waves with his Alpha Strike(Q) and all the steroids in his kit. He has high base attack speed and AD which him to jungle very quickly as well. He is great at taxing lanes and catching waves in between his jungle camps. The only thing that stops you from farming at full speed is mana. In low ELO, I suggest going for a gank and then quickly push out the lane and then return back to farming. Keep your buffs for yourself and have a strong focus on farming as when Yi gets ahead in items he becomes a huge problem for the enemy due to his insane DPS, sustain and reset mechanics. In lower ELO games it is rare for the enemy team to have the necessary champions or coordination that is required to deal with a fed Master Yi.

Roaming 6 out of 10

Master Yi is not the best roamer as his ability to get around the map is lackluster. Yi doesn’t have any way to jump over walls without having a target to Alpha Strike to. However, Yi does have high base speed and Highlander(R) can sometimes be used from a distance to get you into the fight. If you can pick up a kill with Highlander right away wasting some of the duration loss won’t be an issue due to the refreshed duration on killing. You can also take a summoner spell such as teleport or ghost to help him out in this regard.

Early Game 8 out of 10

Master Yi becomes quite strong as soon as he unlocks his ultimate highlander. His Alpha Strike does high base damage and can be used multiple times in a fight due to its cooldown being lowered every time he auto-attacks. Yi’s Alpha strike also makes him untargettable and If you can use it to dodge an important enemy ability as well his meditate(W) to block some damage you can find yourself winning most 1v1s early on. If Yi gets to dictate the terms of a fight or clean up he is able to easily pick up kills, even early on in the game.

Late Game 9.5 out of 10

10 Master Yi has a high amount of true damage on-hit from his Wuju Style(E) and extremely high attack speed from Highlander as well as free extra autos from his Double Strike(champion passive). With this, he is able to melt through ever the tankiest of champions. Almost Everything in Yi’s kit gives him extra damage. Even his meditate can be used as an auto-reset if you quickly tap it. Yi ion is incredibly sticky and one of the easiest champions to get Penta Kills with, especially in low ELO.

Annie #1

The 10 Best Champions to Carry Low ELO With and Why (11)

Pick Potential 10 out of 10

Annie has great pick potential with hard crowd control and high burst damage. When she has flash she can pick off most champions simply by flashing at them and dropping Summon: Tibbers (R) when she as her Pyromania stun following up with the rest of her spells and ignite. Only the tankiest of champions can survive this combo.

However, if she overcommits for kills she can be chased down after her initial engagement as she lacks the mobility to get out of tough situations.

Split Pushing 7 out of 10

Annie is an above-average split pusher thanks to her solid 1v1 potential and long auto range. After Annie wins a fight she can also use Tibbers to push out waves and tank towers. However, against tanky bruisers, Annie will typically lose these 1v1s. Annie is also vulnerable to being ganked which hampers her ability to overextend.

Difficulty 10 out of 10

There’s a reason LS recommends Annie so much and it’s that she is easy to play and mechanically execute. With Annie CSing and killing champions is a breeze allowing you to focus on the more important macro aspects of the game. She is a strong, easy to execute team fighter that only starts to fall off past diamond where better players can stay outside her range and exploit her weaknesses.

Overall Rating 8.64 out of 10

Explanation of Ratings

Key Points:

What would this list be without Annie on it for the best champions to carry Low ELO. Her placing top on this list is sure to make LS proud. Annie is an extremely forgiving mage to play with excellent burst damage and CC. Her only weakness is her range but lower ELO players are typically far worse at keeping their distance from her. Simply land your Tibbers stun ignite and collect your free kills. Annie has and many mechanics added to her kit over the years allowing to her keep up power creep and is stronger than ever

Checkout AnnieBot who is a Multi Challenger Annie main that has been playing her since the early days proving that she can be viable at higher ELO as well

Farming 8.5

Annie while not the fastest farmer in the game is certainly the easiest. Her high damage Disintegrate (Q) allows her to easily last hit enemies and reset its cooldown with each CS. Once you get a few points in this ability decent CS scores are nearly guaranteed. At later levels, Annie, can start to kill the caster creeps with One Incinerate(W) and clean up the melees with her disintegrate afterward.

Roaming 9 out of 10

Annie is a devastating roamer with her the Hard Crowd Control from her Pyromania giving her on-demand stuns. Coupled with her high base damage and strong ap ratios she is able to easily execute tower dives and blow up enemies before they can react. Her only weakness when it comes to roaming is her ability to get around the map is mediocre. Help your jungle secure scuttle crabs with your high burst damage and cc. Annie is a strong 2v2er and this will help you on roaming to top lane or bot lane.

Early game 9 out of 10

Annie has a great Early game with her high burst damage and crowd control giving her tremendous presence in the laning phase. Annie’s Level Six all in leading with a Tibbers stun following up with auto attacks from Tibbers, herself and ignite does over a 1000 damage enough to seal the fate of most champions before the stun even finishes.

Late Game 8 out of 10

While Annie’s one-shot potential falls of tater on in the game especially against non-carry champions she remains a good engage champion and backline threat with her Tibbers flash combo. The new mechanic allowing her molten shield on allies makes her into a pseudo enchanter that still packs a punch. If built anti-tank Annie is left alone she is still more than capable of DPSing down tanky champs down with her Tibbers continuously applying effects like Liandrys’ Torment and demonic embrace.

I hope that this list can allow those who are struggling in carrying lower ELO games have a list of champions that they can focus on and improve. This is not meant to be the only champions that are good for climbing in ranked. It is just my opinion that these champions are not only easy to become proficient on but are also able to influence the game heavily in a variety of ways and when you become excellent on them they will be capable of carrying the vast majority of games.

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