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The Genius (INTP)


Geniuses are the quintessential philosophers and independent thinkers. They are logical, objective, open-minded, imaginative, original, honest, and low maintenance. Geniuses are addicted to new information and a never-ending search for truth. Not often one to sugarcoat things, they can sometimes leave conversations with awkward silences, but you can count on their honesty. But beneath their aura of intellect and busy mind is an intensely loving and loyal heart.

👍 Strengths










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👎 Weaknesses

private and withdrawn




loathe rules and guidelines

second-guess themselves


😍 Attracted By








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😡 Pet Peeves






passive aggressive







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🐥 Mating Call

Usually aloof and reserved, if Geniuses have a crush on you, they will seem warmer and more responsive. They'll actually respond to your messages, whereas if they didn't like you, they'd likely forget your name even if you've met ten times. You can also expect shy smiles and excuses to be near you. They'll be interested in your mind, and ask you what your opinion is on various topics to get to know you. You'll find them especially interested and curious whenever you have something thought-provoking to share. You may feel weirdly flattered by their attention, even if you're not totally sure why. They will go out of their comfort zone to do the basic courtship rituals they usually can't be bothered to do. What may seem like normal social behavior is them putting the effort into getting to know you.

😘 Flirting Tips

Do:-Feel free to take the lead and guide the conversation socially, which will put them at ease.-Help get them out of their shell and their minds.They'll love you for this.-Stimulate their minds with thought-provoking and philosophical conversation. They'll be more interested in you and the date.-Show them your competence. They appreciate organized and competent people who can take charge, as they're usually passive.-Invite them out on a date in a natural setting that's not too loud. Their ideal date is one that happens naturally, evolving from daily activities.-Be direct when indicating you're interested in them. Otherwise, they might not even notice your signals if you're too subtle.Don't:-Don't urge them to smile. They might not look like it, but they're comfortable.-Don't push them to socialize above what they're comfortable doing. Not saying much is their way of being comfortable, unless in an intriguing thought-provoking conversation.-Avoid small talk or asking them about their favorite celebrities or pop gossip. It'll bore them.-Don't be overemotional or passive-aggressive. They can't stand irrationality and believe everything can be handled logically. Try to discuss your feelings calmly.-Don't try to manipulate them or play emotional games. They'll cut their losses rationally and move on.-Don't play hard to get. You may end up waiting a long time because they might not even notice. You'll have to be more direct and clear.-Don't invite them on a traditional date at a fancy restaurant forcing them to converse awkwardly with a stranger. This will put them under pressure and won't allow them to be themselves.-Don't patronize their intelligence. It is especially insulting to Geniuses.-Don't rush them toward making a decision. They don't like being rushed because they like to take their time to think things through.-Don't try to force them to discuss their feelings early on in the relationship. They will need time before they're ready.

💍 Relationship Material

– Don't over-schedule their time or try to micro-manage them or control them.– Be loyal, authentic and honest.– Listen attentively.– Show interest in intellectual pursuits.-Don't try to force them to notice the small details of everyday life all the time. They're more concerned with the big picture.– Be open to discussing untraditional ideas and perspectives.– Respect their privacy and independence.– Understand that they're not as emotionally expressive, but it doesn't mean they don't care.– Don't pressure them to make big commitments before they're ready and have had ample time to think about it.

⚽ Likely Interests

internet surfing







the abstract


sleeping a lot

sleeping late

🎁 Love Languages

1. Quality Time

2. Words of Affirmation

3. Physical Touch

4. Acts of Service

5. Gifts

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🧠 Love Philosophy

Geniuses enjoy partners who are open-minded and intellectually curious, people who can share conversations with them about new ideas, possibilities, and theories while in a loyal and warm relationship. They want a relationship where they are mentally inspired and fulfilled and free to pursue their ideas without feeling stifled. They also value partners that share a sense of humor and are as loyally committed as they are. They are people who value their own intelligence and need a partner who can appreciate their creativity and ingenuity.Often called the dreamy professors, Geniuses are usually private and highly independent and can often be found in their own mental worlds, daydreaming about or questioning a subject that has captivated their interests. They need a partner that can allow them the personal space and time to work through these mental tangents, and not try to over-manage their time or confine them to limiting rules. Geniuses are direct and straightforward, believing the most rational thing to do is to be completely logical and honest and keep emotions out of it, seeing anything else as counterproductive. They are turned off by people who are overly needy, emotionally over-reactive, and manipulative.Geniuses are loved for their easygoing, logical nature. Sometimes also called the warmest robots, Geniuses are not the most emotionally expressive personality. Sharing their feelings and emotions make them uncomfortable and feel to them as an embarrassing and illogical display. They usually need time before they can open up emotionally. This is not to say they don't care; they actually do care, feel, and love, quite intensely once they set their hearts on someone. However, they are more likely to express their love in the form of actions like spending time with you, solving your problems, and supporting you, rather than through words.Partners should know that the world of emotions and feelings is a strange place for Geniuses, and they might not pick up on emotional cues and sentiment others may expect them to. They are typically in their heads, immersed in an analytical state of ideas, theories, and experiments, and usually, just don't pay as much attention to them. It's essential to be patient and direct when you can to let them know how you're feeling because they won't be able to mindread. Expecting them to just know will likely frustrate them.

🌹 Ideal Date

Geniuses enjoy mentally inspiring and stimulating dates, whether that be a discussion of ideas and world events over coffee, a playful exchange over an intimate board game, or learning and exploring something new together. They want to spark their imagination and use their creativity in an activity that allows them to be the best of themselves. They also love it when their dates take the lead socially and ask them out. These personality types are chill and often enjoy a low-pressure, casual date, so long as it allows for conversation. It can be a quiet afternoon together at a book store or enjoying late night conversation after watching a movie.

😱 Relationship Fear

Geniuses' biggest relationship fear is losing their autonomy and personal freedom. Rigid rules, structures, and traditions expected by their partner can leave Geniuses feeling trapped, anxious, and irritable. They need a lot of space and time to themselves to unwind and explore their own thoughts and hobbies. They are most relaxed when taking their time to enjoy their own mental tangents. They worry they'll end up with someone overly needy who tries to micro-manage their lives and overschedule them.

🤞 Secret Desire

Geniuses are creative and independent thinkers who have a talent for dissecting the root cause of a problem and seeing things in a different way. Although they can appear aloof, detached, and unconcerned with feelings, deep down, they crave emotional connection and warmth. They also wish they were better at social conversation, emotional affairs, and reading and understanding people. They can be frustrated sometimes because others misunderstand them as cold and robotic, or as having no feelings, when in fact, they feel very deeply, but just have trouble expressing it.

🤝 Friendship Philosophy

INTPs seek authenticity and intellectual depth in finding potential friends. They intentionally keep their connections few but excitingly meaningful. These personalities effortlessly inspire others to remain true to themselves and ignore picture-perfect societal expectations. Geniuses enjoy being around other co-oddballs because it is where they feel best understood and accepted. They do not mind having off-the-wall intellectual discussions. Showing affection may not be their strong suit, but they do so through assisting others in resolving difficulties and offering logical advice.

🧘 Personal Outlook

INTPs are logical and practical in their approach to life. Geniuses tend to rationalize everything they see to make sense within the context of their highly analytical minds. To them, sentimentality may not be as appealing as knowing the empirical evidence and truth behind a situation.

🤙 Hanging Out

It’s a great idea to bring your INTP friends on a chill picnic or aesthetic art exhibits. Fret not, for Geniuses value quality time more than any fancy get-togethers.

🗣 Communication Style

INTPs can be distant and impersonal when conversing with others. They conduct themselves in an objective, polite, and direct manner. Geniuses meticulously calculate their words and actions to avoid sounding illogical and flawed. They may sometimes be selective of the people they talk to and only show enthusiasm once they meet like-minded souls.

🤷 Stereotype

People often mistake INTPs as incapable of maintaining genuine relationships due to their socially awkward demeanor. However, under the right circumstances, they become lively, warm, and accepting of the few ones they feel deeply connected with. Only then will Geniuses be able to show who they truly are after having enough time to adapt, loosen up, and build rapport.

🤫 Conflicts

INTPs do not back down in the face of conflict. They confront problems head-on without showing any hints of vulnerability amidst pressure and distress. Before making a decision, Geniuses examine all viewpoints to remain fair and objective.


What personality type is Stan from South Park? ›

Stan Marsh is an ISFP personality type. He is passionate by nature and has a desire to express himself. As an ISFP, he has strong values and cares about what is morally right and wrong.

What is the rarest personality type? ›

INFJ is the rarest personality type across the population, occurring in just 2% of the population. It is also the rarest personality type among men. INFJ stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. This unique combination is hard to find in most people.

Is ENTP a rare personality type? ›

ENTP personality types are relatively rare. The ENTP personality type is present in 2% to 5% of the population. This is low compared with other personality types.

What MBTI is Kenny? ›

South Park: Kenny McCormick [ESFP]

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Kenny is the ultimate doer. He's always taking action and doing what he wants. He might be an adrenaline junkie, since he gets addicted to cheesing, has sex at the tender age of ten, and will do anything on a dare.

What is a Infj personality like? ›

An Advocate (INFJ) is someone with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. They tend to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. Their inner vision, personal values, and a quiet, principled version of humanism guide them in all things.

Which MBTI type has the hardest life? ›

The INFP may be the toughest personality type of all for others to understand. They are seemingly easy-going and carefree, but when it comes to their values, they can become suddenly uncompromising. They're friendly to a fault, but they frequently find others hard to be around.

Which personality type is the most attractive? ›

ISFJ. You may not immediately think that an introverted personality type would make the list of charmers, as we often associate extroverts with being more social. But according to Grayson, an ISFJ is actually the most likely to captivate others. "In my opinion, the most charming MBTI is the ISFJ," Grayson says.

What is the 2nd rarest personality type? ›

ENFJs are the second-rarest personality type, making up only 2.2% of the population. These insightful, compelling types tend to know just the right buttons to push to motivate people towards their goals.

Are ENTPs narcissistic? ›

ENTPs and ESTPs are natural-born devil's advocates, so as narcissists, this trait would be exaggerated in their ability to provoke and demean others. They would argue in favor of horrific crimes or blatant inequalities just to get a rise out of the people they're debating with.

Are ENTP females rare? ›

ENTPs make up: 3% of the general population. 4% of men. 2% of women.

What are ENTP females like? ›

ENTP females are likely to be powerful, energetic leaders, who tend to embrace the importance of conflict and enjoy confidently engaging in an important discussion. They may be fairly spontaneous and open-minded people, often favoring logic and facts over feelings.

Who should ENTP marry? ›

The personality types that are most compatible with ENTPs are INFJs or INTJs. ENTPs' extraverted intuition is best suited with the introverted intuition dominant personality types.

What MBTI type is Jesus? ›

Jesus was the fullness of God but also fully human. As a human, astrologers say his personality type is INFJ (rarest personality type) He was an an ambivert.

Are ENTPs manipulative? ›

ENTPs might be viewed as skilled at manipulating, as well as being conscious of others who are attempting to manipulate them. This can be attributed to their combination of functions, which helps them to read people as well as imagine different possibilities in any given situation.

Is Butter an Infp? ›

Leopold Stotch is an INFP personality type.

Is Kyle broflovski an introvert? ›

While Kyle Broflovski cares deeply about others, he is an introvert and is only willing to share his true self with a select few.

Is Cartman an introvert? ›

Cartman is observant of others and notices little things that most might miss, which he often uses to his advantage. Introverted Feeling (Fi) Cartman may claim not to understand morality or the difference between right and wrong, but little moments here and there show this is an act.

Are INFJ smart? ›

INFJs are often viewed as highly intelligent people, but understand their type of intelligence is important. Some people might not see this side of them, especially if they value a different style of thought.

Are INFJ deep people? ›

INFJ's are warm and affirming people who are usually also deep and complex. They're likely to seek out and promote relationships that are intense and meaningful. They tend to be perfectionists, and are always striving for the Ultimate Relationship.

Who should INFJ marry? ›

Considering INFJ from the Myers-Briggs list of personalities perspective, the generally accepted ideal match is the ENTP personality. In addition, ENFP is also a great match as it can inspire and stimulate INFJs, while ENFJ can support the humanist function of INFJs'.

Which MBTI is most likely single? ›

INFJs are the most likely to remain single for the following reasons: They are introverts, extremely private and independent. They are idealistic and have high standards for themselves and others.

Which MBTI is the smartest? ›

The smartest is INTP then INTJ and I don't know the order of the rest. ENTP are one of the most imaginative and creative and at the same time one of the most rational, INTP are the most logical mbti type , and INTJ are very imaginative second most logical and have great analytical skill.

Which MBTI is most emotional? ›

The INFP. Deep and introspective, INFPs direct most of their conscious energy to discover meaning and achieving inner harmony with their values. They are one of the most emotionally analytical personality types – having depths and complexities to their emotions that others may only briefly glimpse.

What is the least attractive MBTI? ›

Out of the SJs, ESTJs are the most unattractive. They tend to be bossy, intrusive, anti-intellectual and not only zealous followers of the status quo, but its main enforcers as well.

Which MBTI is most prone to depression? ›

There's no research that supports that any Meyers-Briggs personality type is more prone to depression than another. According to MBTI, people with the INFJ personality type are naturally introverted. They may need to find ways to connect and engage with other people so they don't become isolated.

Which MBTI is the most romantic? ›

The 6 Most Romantic Myers-Briggs Personality Types
  • INFJ.
  • ENFJ.
  • INFP.
  • ENTP.
  • ISTJ.
  • ENTJ.
22 Aug 2022

Which MBTI is most popular? ›

The most common personality type is the ISFJ personality type, known as 'The Protector'. This type occurs in 14% of the population. It is also the most common personality type among women. ISFJ stands for Introversion, Sensing, Feeling and Judging.

What personality type thinks they are always right? ›

ESTJs have a tendency to think they are always right and that their moral compass is objective, absolute and universal.

Are ENTP psychopaths? ›

What is the difference between an ENTP and a psychopath? Easy answer - a psychopath is a personality disorder, and an ENTP isn't a personality type, no matter how much people try to pretend that it has to do with personality, so the two are pretty close to unrelated to one another.

Do ENTPs lack empathy? ›

ENTPs actually have more empathy than people realize, since they don't really show it in the same way as others might. ENTPs are known to play devil's advocate, searching for ways to argue opposing ends of the debate. They might take on the role that they really don't agree with, but they don't do this halfway.

Do ENTPs have big egos? ›

22. Speaking of ego—the ENTP has a massive one. Think Jeff from Community, except he leans more toward an ENTJ.

Are ENTP smart? ›

ENTPs are stereotypically speaking, seen as some of the most intelligent of all personality types. And while all the 16 personalities are intelligent in their own way, the ENTPs rapid-rate thinking and speed of assessing new information often gets them perceived as clever.

Which personality type is manipulative? ›

The Destructive ESFJ

Destructive ESFJs are manipulative, controlling, and prone to gossip. They adopt the beliefs of the people around them and bully anyone who lies outside of that value system.

What jobs should ENTP avoid? ›

Career choices like the below that require significant attention to detail and high repetition in daily tasks will likely frustrate an ENTP:
  • Dentist.
  • Optometrist.
  • Data scientist.
  • Receptionist.
  • Data entry.
  • Bookkeeping or accounting.
  • Clerical positions.

How do ENTP flirt? ›

ENTPs employ some of their greatest qualities to flirt- their wit and their charm. They love to use jokes, teasing, memes, and sarcasm to flirt but they also seem to know just the right thing to say to win you over.

What makes an ENTP fall in love? ›

If the person they are falling for makes them feel safe to truly express themselves, then they are more likely to be romantic. ENTPs can actually be rather romantic people when they are feeling inspired, since they enjoy challenging themselves in different ways.

What is Kyle broflovski personality? ›

Kyle is one of the major characters from the series, just like in the canon show, he is shown to be very hotheaded, smart, morally driven and cares for his family, most notably his baby brother Ike. He also dates Nichole Daniels and they often act like sickeningly sweethearts, much to Cartman's disgust.

How can I be like Stan Marsh? ›

To cosplay Stan Marsh, you're going to first need a pom beanie and a pair of rabbit fur gloves. Then, wear a long sleeve coat, a solid color scarf, khaki chino pants, and a pair of men's skate shoes. With this look, you'll be ready to head on down to South Park, Colorado!

Is Cartman an introvert? ›

Cartman is observant of others and notices little things that most might miss, which he often uses to his advantage. Introverted Feeling (Fi) Cartman may claim not to understand morality or the difference between right and wrong, but little moments here and there show this is an act.

What personality type is Craig Tucker? ›

Which personality type is Craig Tucker? Craig Tucker is an INTJ personality type.

What is Stan Marsh personality? ›

Stan is an elementary school student who commonly has extraordinary experiences not typical of conventional small-town life in his fictional hometown of South Park, Colorado. Stan is generally depicted as logical, brave, patient and sensitive.

What personality type is Butters? ›

Butters is an Enneagram Nine personality type with a One wing. Enneagram Nines belong to the body center, along with Eights and Ones, and they naturally make decisions based on gut instinct. Butters likes to feel in control, particularly of his physical environment.

Who is the smartest character in South Park? ›

Kyle Broflovski is one of the main characters of South Park. Based on co-creator Matt Stone, Kyle is a member of the only Jewish family in South Park, and is by far the smartest kid in town.

Does Stan Marsh have Aspergers? ›

Plot. Following the events of the previous episode, Stan Marsh is attempting to adapt to his parents' divorce while his cynicism causes him to explode in class out of frustration. Stan's depression is mistakenly diagnosed as Asperger syndrome because he received a flu vaccination a year earlier.

What MBTI is Stan Marsh? ›

3. Stan Marsh: The Explorer - ISFP.

Is Stan Marsh straight? ›

Stan Marsh is the main protagonist from the South Park series. Stan is a straight man out of the original four kids, he is often the one to give an aesop at the end of each show.

What MBTI is Kyle broflovski? ›

South Park: Kyle Brovlofski [INFJ] Introverted Intuition (Ni): Kyle is always concerned about the future and the impact of his actions. He's a worrier and a thinker who understands abstract concepts very well, and at one point becomes obsessed with existentialism.

Is Kyle broflovski an introvert? ›

While Kyle Broflovski cares deeply about others, he is an introvert and is only willing to share his true self with a select few.

What religion is Eric Cartman? ›


What is Kenny McCormick personality type? ›

Kenny McCormick is an ISTP personality type. He is practical and has a drive to understand the way things work.

Who is the tallest kid in South Park? ›

Thomas is the tallest regular member of the South Park cast, as he towers over the other men in "Insecurity". He shares his name with the Family Guy character Tom Tucker.

What does Kenny McCormick like? ›

Kenny likes toilet humour and pornography, and especially likes women's breasts. Kenny also is the clown of the group. Stan, Cartman, and Kyle always laugh at his jokes, and smart remarks. Despite his perverted nature, Kenny is one of the kindest kids around.


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