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From the very beginning of the silver screen history, movie poster printing has been more than promotional material, they have been art, hand painted on the walls of our oldest theaters. Movie poster printing provided the original trailers, the original advertisement for upcoming movies. Artfully and beautifully printed here at Gold Image Printing we offer a mesmerising full color movie poster. Theaters, filmmakers and movie-themed venues should proudly frame and mount movie poster printing that has the ability to impress every moviegoer. We don’t limit these products for movie makers, we offer movie poster art prints for any style of decor. Check out our Gold Image Printing Blog post: to learn more about how you can make the movie poster printing that matches your style.

We live in a digital age, full of fast-paced,10 second videos and endless scrolling. Yet we have found the average person still enjoys standing under a beautifully-framed and well-lit movie poster hung outside a movie theater. We all still enjoy the magic of the smell of hot popcorn and the roaring music coming from a dark theater. Imagine those theater doors framed on either side by two beautiful, iconic examples of movie poster printing. Feature your favorite director, actor, or even some cult classics to add your own personal flare. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your movie poster printing experience.

Do Your Research

The more movie poster printing you see, the more you will have knowledge on what looks best on movie poster printing when it comes to color, text, and design. The higher the resolution the better the image so make sure whatever images you are choosing for your design the resolution is high enough.

Get creative! We have so many elements in our design layout on our website for you to flex your artistic mind and create customized movie poster printing to your liking. Upload images, slip in texts and effects, add specialties. Spend as much time as you need playing around with different sizes and colors to make sure your movie poster printing is remembered by all.

Ask for Help

We know that you’re the movie buff, not a graphic designer and that’s OK. That’s why we have set up a custom quote so that our designers who specialize in creating layouts that are unforgettable, can chat with you and answer all your questions. Utilize this feature as well for specialty requests or dimensions you don’t see here. Remember just because you don’t see it on our shopping cart doesn't mean you can’t do it. While you're on the line with us why not ask about Table Runners for special events, Floor Decals for everyday, or even Fabric Banners to help your theatre's exposure? Whether it's movie poster printing or another product, our customers are always our number one priority!

Choose our Matte Option

Our movie poster printing is done on 8mil Matte premium photo paper. This photo paper works for all printing of photos as the color is beautiful yet subtle. It gives a photo look but does not allow for a shine or glare so in your dark movie theater lobby the results of your movie poster printing are still seen. While you may see other print shops offer several different material options for posters, we have found that 95% of customers order their posters in Matte photo paper. This is because this particular material works best against glaring lights. This photo paper also offers resistance against fingerprints, making it the all around best option for movie poster printing!

Understand The Sizing

A big question we get is: What size are movie posters? We actually offer any size that you need, because we believe that the customer should be able to call the shots. We offer 11” x 17”, 12” x 18”, 16” x 20”, 18” x 24”, 19” x 27”, 20” x 30”, 22” x 28”, 24” x 36”, 27” x 40”, and I whopping 36” x 48”. Yet remember, none of these sizes are set in stone. Use our custom quote to put in a request for particular sizes that meet your exact preferences. You can even order one of our Deluxe Retractable Banners to add an extra layer of advertisement for your upcoming feature. Use our templates to align your images correctly to make sure to make sure you meet the requirements and that none of your posters are not cut off when submitting your template.

Decide Between Digital and Offset Printing

Movie poster printing is done on HP latex printers, meaning they are digital movie posters. They are printed one at a time, which results in a little bit higher of a cost. Need to print thousands of posters? Hop over to our bulk offset posters for a more affordable option. To put it simply: digital posters print one at a time so for small runs they are the way to go, but offset printers create a plate for your particular image so that they can print quickly and efficiently. For very large runs over 1,000 at a time, choose offset printing. Read more about this in our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Should You Ask Your Printer To Do Offset Printing or Digital Printing?


Some customers have asked for thick card stock paper when it comes to the posters. We don’t normally do this for our movie poster printing as we use a UV ink printer to give you the best color design. But we understand that each customer’s needs are unique, so use our custom quote for a special request at a higher thickness or a larger size. Check out our helpful FAQs for all of your questions on what's customizable.

Large Format Printing

Looking for more than just movie poster printing? Hop over to our poster printing services where we offer large posters and more. This is also a great way for you to show off a feature presentation or make plans for a big event. Think of showing off your favorite movie scene for a classical movies special event, or enlarge a photo of your favorite actor or actress in their signature role, what better way to draw in like-minded movie buffs than a large format poster or even wall graphic that resonates with them from afar? Another great thing about our large posters is the ability to frame them and mount them on the wall. Why settle for a short-term use when you can use these high quality posters as a centerpiece of your business for years to come? Let us know if you're in need of help for mounting these works of art and we'll be happy to oblige. We are very proud of all of our large-format printing as we are able to service so many unique orders. Read more here on our Gold Image Printing Blog post: What is Large Format Printing?


You are able to get your movie poster printing done at lightning speed from the next business day or even on the same business day, how's that for fast? You will always be impressed with Gold Image Printing’s fantastic movie posters lighting up your next movie showing. It will be a beautiful event with your custom movie posters hanging proudly around the room. So get ready to print the 50 best, most iconic movie posters of all time, or all the latest movie posters for your movie party, or just some classic movie posters for your venue. Whatever original posters you decide, you’ll be happy that you didn’t go with any old movie poster shop, but instead came to Gold Image Printing. Movie posters: art, prints, and wall art should all be printed with care as they give your customers their first impression of you and your business. It sets the tone of your lobby or event. So make sure you only use the best material, ink and printers when you do your film and cinema movie poster printing. We're excited to work with you on either a standard order or custom quote, so get started today!

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