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The mobile crane is integral to many construction and hauling projects. Since the mobile crane is a vehicle-mounted, cable-controlled crane, it has several advantages over a fixed crane. Unlike a fixed crane, the mobile crane is flexible and versatile, as well as a time- and space-saver. The mobile crane is also cost-efficient and easier to fix.The mobile crane has several types, each with its own special function. As such, it is important that you know which ones you should use for which kind of project. A crawler crane wouldn’t be as efficient as a carry deck crane if your construction site is small and cramped, for example. The following are just a few of the many types of mobile crane:

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All-Terrain Mobile Crane

The all-terrain mobile crane can go from a paved highway to the bumpy landscape of a job site with ease. This kind of mobile crane can be maneuvered over rough terrain without fear of overturning since it has more wheels that help balance it.By combining the maneuverability of rough terrain mobile cranes and the roadability of regular truck-mounted cranes, the all-terrain crane is very useful for projects that involve off-road job sites.Carry Deck Mobile CraneThe carry deck mobile crane has a boom that can rotate on a full 360-degree axis, which makes it the perfect mobile crane to use in confined construction areas. This type of mobile crane has a little deck that can be used to transport equipment to another place on the job site.

Crawler Mobile Crane

The crawler crane is a mobile crane that is mounted on caterpillar tracks, which gives it stability and mobility like no other. Since this mobile crane is so well-built, it has no need for outriggers and thus has a minimal setup time.Capable of handling heavy loads, the crawler crane is the perfect heavy-duty mobile crane for big projects.

Hydraulic Mobile Crane

Hydraulic mobile cranes are indispensable in major construction projects such as buildings, bridges, and roads. This type of mobile crane offers the ability to lift thousands of pounds and gets its strength from the use of hydraulic cylinders.

Rough Terrain Mobile Crane

The rough terrain mobile crane is specifically designed to operate on uneven, rocky, off-road terrain. This type of mobile crane has rubber wheels and all-wheel drive capabilities that can help it navigate potholes and ditches. Since it has a lower capacity for lifting, this mobile crane is the perfect support crane for lighter hoists on building and infrastructure projects.

Telescopic Mobile Crane

The telescopic mobile crane has a large boom. Inside this boom are several tubes, fitted one inside the other. Through the use of a hydraulic mechanism, the tubes can retract or extend outwards, which can either decrease or increase the total length of the boom.Not all models of telescopic cranes are mobile, but many can be truck-mounted. This type of crane is often used for short-term building projects, rescue operations, and other undertakings, such as lifting boats out of the water. It can also be used to build signal towers.

Telescopic Handler Mobile Crane

Different from the telescopic crane, the telescopic handler mobile crane is basically a forklift truck with an extendable boom attached to it. The boom is capable of rotating 360-degrees, making this crane essential in many building projects. This mobile crane can hoist framing trusses in place and move pallets of heavy objects, such as bricks.

Get Yourself a Mobile Crane

Mobile cranes are incredibly useful and fundamental pieces of equipment for any construction, infrastructure, or hauling project. However, you have to make sure that the rental mobile crane you’re using is offers appropriate service for your project since there are so many cranes available.At Manitex, we have high-quality lifting equipment that can meet each one of your needs. We are fully committed to providing you with whatever mobile lifting equipment your project may require, whether it is a boom truck, a mobile crane, or an aerial work platform. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you! (Link “Manitex” to

Manitex: High-Value Lifting Solutions - Mobile Crane

Contactors, engineers, and sign erectors are just some of the people that make use of boom trucks and mobile aerial work platforms regularly. When you’re looking to purchase mobile crane equipment for your business, only trust a brand that offers top-notch and safe machines. Manitex is a brand that provides high-quality boom trucks and aerial work platforms for different lifting needs. Contact us if you’re in need of mobile cranes, boom lifts, or any other lifting equipment.

The Manitex Family: Better Products, Better Payback, Best Mobile Crane

The Manitex family consists of the Manitex Boom Trucks and the SkyCrane Aerial Platforms and Sign Cranes. Manitex goes the extra mile to ensure that all of our service models provide leading high-value lifting solutions for contractors, crane rental operators, and sign erectors, among others.

Aerial Work Platforms and Mobile Cranes

Aerial work platforms are used for various purposes. They vary in size and function, allowing users to get the right machine fit for their job. Here are some of the commonly used aerial work platforms:
•Knuckle Boom: The knuckle boom is similar to a standard crane, except the machine folds at the knuckle near the middle, hence, the name knuckle boom. This feature allows the user to fold the machine in any direction they need. Compared to a scissor or standard crane, a knuckle boom is more flexible.
•Boom Lift: The boom lift is a machine used to reach high areas that don’t require too much maneuvering. The smallest boom lift is about 40 feet while the tallest can be a staggering 180-foot machine.
•Scissor Boom: The scissor boom is an aerial work platform that has a maximum vertical reach of 50 feet. While it has a shorter reach compared to a boom lift, its retractable feature makes it easy to store. This is perfect for contractors and operators who don’t need the staggering reach of a boom lift and need to save up on product storage space.

Boom Trucks and Mobile Crane

Boom trucks are aerial work platforms attached to a truck. They are designed for easy site transportation. Boom trucks are ideal for building projects in which the workers need to move constantly. For example, a foreman leading a bridge-building project can make use of a boom truck so workers can perform specific tasks on aerial platforms.

The Manitex Promise on Our Mobile Crane

Manitex is committed to providing clients with cost-efficient lifting solutions. With our array of boom trucks and aerial work platforms, we guarantee that we have the right equipment for all of your business’ lifting needs.
•Safety: At Manitex, our top priority is the reliability of our cranes and the safety of people that operate them. You can be confident that all of our lifting equipment have extensive safety features.
•Quality and Customer Satisfaction: In line with our promise of safety, we guarantee the quality of our cranes. Our extensive equipment was built with customer satisfaction in mind. All of our boom trucks and aerial work platforms have passed the manufacturers’ product quality inspections.
•Service and Support: In the unlikely event that you are experiencing technical difficulties with our equipment, you can count on us to provide the help you need. The Manitex UpTime allows us to deliver 24/7 customer support for thousands of units every day. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot the problems you may be experiencing. You can easily get in touch with our support team by creating an account on our website.
•Dealer Network: Because we have a wide dealer network, we can guarantee that we will always be there for you when you need us. You can get in touch with us through our multiple representatives in different countries.

Talk to Us About Our Mobile Crane

At Manitex, we pride ourselves on being able to offer value-for-money lifting solutions to thousands of customers every day. Check out our website to learn more about our boom trucks and aerial work platforms. You can also contact our sales representatives, and we’ll help you find the ideal lifting equipment for your business.

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