Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (2022)

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (1)

Download Moba Mugen ApkAll Versi 2020| Naruto Senki Mod ML Offline free Download for Android. Many say that this game is made by Moonton, but it's not. Please note that the MOBA MUGEN APKPURE game is Naruto Senki which is modified similar to the ML (Mobile Legends) game but can be played offline. Indeed, almost all of the characters in the game are similar to the original version, even for the skills and moves are almost the same.

The game is Moba Mugen Apk; it is a game for Android and iOS devices. Moba Mugen Apk is a strategy game and one of the most popular games in recent years. The game will pit players' armies against each other in battle.

Players will be tasked with assembling a team of characters of their own choosing and then challenging armies of other players. The game includes many famous heroes and villains from Mobile Legends.

Currently, the most popular character to choose is Alucard because he has one of the best skills. It's important to remember never to play with a character that you don't understand the moves they have. The game is Moba Mugen Apk and it is strategy

For ML game lovers, you can try this Moba Mugen Apk game. For those of you, it's definitely easy to play because the type of game is similar. Not bad for filling boredom when playing online games which sometimes get unwanted teams.

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (2)

Game Features

Moba Mugen Apk: There are many reasons to love this game. First, you can play the game on a regular computer, tablet or phone.

This means you can take it anywhere! There are also many different game modes to choose from, such as training, VS, and 3vs3 combat.

Along with the usual gameplay, there are also many hidden features such as higher levels, extra levels, and secret moves. If you like the competitive aspect of the game, you can even play against other people online! But for now it is not available, even though it is already in the menu.

  • Full character mobile legends
  • Menu display and game lobby with ML theme
  • Abilities and abilities according to character
  • Same sound effect as ML "You has slain an Enemy"
  • The game is played offline,

New Character Mod (according to the Mobile Legends theme) character increases according to mobile legends

  • New Record
  • New Select Menu
  • New Menu
  • New Tower
  • New Map

Moba Mugen Apk Download

We will provide all versions of the game. Starting from the beginning of BETA to the latest is version 1.7. You can choose what you want to play. Don't forget to choose what you want to be more enthusiastic about playing. For Moba Mugen V1.8, there is a big possibility that there is not yet, if there is one, we will try to update it.

Moba Mugen Apk is a game that has a lot of followers in Indonesia. This game is a fighting game where players can create their own characters to fight against other opponents.

The game offers an in-depth customization program for characters, weapons and accessories for characters. The game offers a free version which is great for players who are just starting to use the game.

This version of the game has features that allow players to play, watch and download character data. The paid version of the game is not included because the modified version is included in the game.

Moba Mugen V1.1 Apk

Experience with first person shooters is important to be competent enough in this game. There is immense competition in both the professional and casual can make some slow-paced games stressful and difficult.

The competitive aspect is what drives you to want to excel and improve, but this can be a toxic player experience for some with low self-esteems. I'm not sure I can think of any challenges. I'm having a great time playing the game and feel pretty competent at it.

Sure, there are some situations where I have to ask for help or reassurance of how to proceed with the level, but for me, that's a plus since that means I'm still learning and improving my skills.

New Features v1.1

  1. Fanny Skill 2 No Cooldown
  2. Alucard OP
  3. Pharsa OP

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (3)

  • Versions : V1.1
  • Size : 68 Mb
  • Credits :Syarifad
  • Password : -
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.2 Apk

New Features v1.2

  1. Nerf Hero: Alucard, Badang, Natalia, Hanabi, Karrie
  2. Buff / Revamp Hero: Karina
  3. Tower Hp from 110000 to 85000

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (4)

  • Versions : V1.2
  • Size : 105 Mb
  • Credits :by Syarifad
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.3 Apk

New Features v1.3

  1. Nerf and Buff Hero
  2. New Skin Chou: Iori Yagami
  3. All Heroes Have Passive
  4. Rework Skill 3 Alucard, Saber, Sun

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (5)

  • Versions : V1.3
  • Size : 104 Mb
  • Credits : Syarifad
  • Password : unsubscribe and report channel tutorial production
  • Link :DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.4 Apk

New Features v1.4

  1. nerf and buff hero
  2. Skill 1 fanny is changed and the coldown becomes 8 seconds from 3 seconds
  3. all heroes have the ultimate skill
  4. if the front tower is destroyed, a buff monster will come out
  5. help push tower
  6. fix where one franco's skill will be easier to get enemies
  7. fixed the error bug where leomord used horse and
  8. exposed to a leomord attack get a long lasting immunie effect
  9. now the tower is easier to destroy

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (6)

  • Versions : V1.4
  • Size : 77 Mb
  • Credits : Syarifad
  • Password :tutorial production report
  • Link :DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.5 Apk

New Features v1.5

  1. nerf and buff hero
  2. Tower has a demo / fires missiles
  3. fixed a bug where 1 franco's skill would easily get enemies
  4. fixed a bug where leomord was using his horse + old immunity
  5. now the tower is easier to destroy

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (7)

  • Version :V1.5
  • Size : 109 Mb
  • Credits : Syarifad
  • Password :awokawok
  • Link : DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.6 Apk

New Features v1.6

  1. nerf and buff hero
  2. fixed some hero bugs
  3. still lag during the war (but it's not lagging for a long time)
  4. Fixed several hero skills

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (8)

  • Version : 1.6
  • Size : 97 Mb
  • Credit : Syarifad
  • Link :DOWNLOAD

Moba Mugen v1.7 Apk

New Features v1.7 (New!)

  1. nerf and buff hero
  2. revamp skill 3 chou and the latest effect in skill 1 and 3
  3. add lightning in skill 2 gatot glass
  4. update skill 3 lolita
  5. add effect to skill 3 hanabi
  6. update 3 cyclops skill
  7. new skin: zodiac baddies
  8. new skin: gord legend

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (9)

  • Version : 1.7
  • Size : 100 Mb
  • Credit : Syarifad
  • Link :DOWNLOAD

How to Install Moba Mugen Apk Android

To install this game, you must first allow permission to install from an unknown source through Settings> Security> Unknown Source. Once permitted, you are able to install Naruto Senki to play it smoothly.

The ten most popular games that are similar to Moba Mugen Apk

Including this complete sentence: The games below are all similar to Moba Mugen game and I would recommend giving them a try if you like this game.

The games below are all similar to Moba Mugen game and I would recommend giving them a try if you like this game.

1. League of Legends

2. DOTA 2


4. Vainglory

5. Heroes of the Storm

6. Misango

7. Paladins

8. Realm Royale

9. H1Z1

10. Steamboat

The final word
That was a new game that you can play. This game is only an option if you are a Naruto lover. But for those of you who just want to try, you can download it from the link above. Greetings again with other game updates that we will share in the future. Keep up with this blog and shareMoba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download with all of your friends.

Moba Mugen Apk is a challenging and fun game. Not only meet the needs of gamers, but also teachers. The game allows users to teach the principles of combat interactively. The user can select the environment and modify the elements.

It is this interactive aspect that makes this game very user-friendly. Teachers do not need to write long and detailed instructions for players to follow. This reduces the average teacher's workload and saves them time.

Moba Mugen Apk can not only increase our productivity, but also involve other characters in their learning experience. These days, it is difficult for many students to stay focused during class. That's why there are times when we have to take a break to play a mobile game.

Moba Mugen Apk Mod ML Free Download - Daricerukhati (10)

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