Mob Wives Recap: Is Natalie A Rat-alie? (2022)

Mob Wives Recap: Is Natalie A Rat-alie? (1)

Wow. Last night’s Mob Wives was like something out of the cartoon movie The Secret of NIHM. Am I aging myself? Probably. But gracious! Both have a lot of rats! It begins withBig Ang and Renee Grazianohashing out their issues, but Ang has invited a surprise guest. It’s Darryl Hannah from Splash! Sure, she’s a little older and she’s wearing a suit, but the hair is the same! Renee tries to raise an eyebrow (damn, Botox!). She has no issues with Victoria Gotti, but the Gottis and Karen Gravano’s family have beef. Renee wonders why Ang would invite Victoria knowing that her loyalties lie with biffle Karen. Ang is hoping that Victoria and Renee’s past will make Renee listen to what she has to say. Immediately, Renee wants to know Victoria’s opinion on outsiders. “Hate ’em.” Check!

Renee feels like she may have an ally and tells Victoria that an slime ball outsider is slandering her all over the Twitterverse, yet Ang stays friends with her. Ang reminds Renee that she’s the one who brought Natalie Guercio into the group. Ang doesn’t have issues or drama with friends. In fact, Renee is the only one of her friends who consistently decides to hate people. It’s exhausting. Renee babbles on about loyalty, but Ang wonders why they can’t just be ladies and not gangsters. Victoria sees Renee’s point (Renee is so excited to think that Ang’s plan has backfired). Ang brings up the fact that Renee has disrespected her family and also called her a clown. Victoria reminds the women that they are closer than friends…they are family. She should get her own therapy themed reality show. I’m kidding, VH1! Don’t even!


It’s the weekly phone call from Lee, Drita D’Avanzo’s husband! Of course, this season, it’s not from a correctional facility. Lee just doesn’t want to participate in the show other than in phone calls with his wife. The couple discuss Ang’s son AJ’s stint in Rikers and Lee’s need to procreate. Giggle! Meanwhile, after the successful meeting with Ang and Victoria, Renee knows that the loyal thing to do is inform Karen in person of the situation. She wants to tell to her friend before someone else can. Karen says that she has no issue with any Gottis. Sure, her father ratted out Victoria’s father, but both girls are victims of the family life they were born into. Karen appreciates Renee’s honesty, and she knows that had Victoria spoken ill of her, Renee would have had her back. She’s happy to hear that Renee and Ang have reconciled. They must have a girls’ night out (sans Natalie!) to celebrate!

Are we sure that Natalie has any connection to the mob lifestyle? Sure, her bio says her cousin was part of the mob, but yet, it redacts her cousin’s name. Shouldn’t that be a red flag? She’s packing up to move into an apartment that London found them in New York. Natalie is excited to be closer to her besties Drita and Angand she vows to no longer let Renee and Karen get under her skin. While she’s on her way from Philly to the Big Apple, Karen has planned a fun night for the four OGs. The girls are out and their girls are way out. As soon as the four have convened, and Renee quickly states that she’s glad that rat Natalie isn’t here. Drita interrupts that she’d like a night free of drama and smack talk about Natalie. Can they just have an evening where Natalie’s name isn’t mentioned. Sure, says Renee, before going off on a major curse filled tangent about Natalie. Dritafinally throws in the towel and begs Renee to at least not let Natalie ruin her night when she’s not around. Renee knows that soon enough, Natalie will screw over her friends, and she will be there to gloat when it happens.

Natalie is getting settled in her new place, although it isn’t nearly as big as she’d hoped. Dritapops in to see the apartment, and she’s happy her friend is so much closer. The view from Natalie’s balcony is sweet! Drita questions how Natalie and London’s relationship is going. It will be interesting to see if they will be able to get along in such a confined space…especially when they can’t get along with all the space in the world. Across town, Karen is meeting with Renee and Ang to complain about Storm’s recent indiscretion. Renee is livid! Men in their lifestyle would NEVER bring another girl into their home. Sure, men in their lifestyle always have side pieces, but they are relegated to a hotel room or a club bathroom…never the family home! They just don’t make gentlemen the way they used to in the good old days! Both Ang and Renee agree that Karen should meet with Storm and allow him to explain and apologize.

Drita has been hired as the make-artist on a magazine photo shoot. She’s thrilled to be working again, and while she’s chatting with a model, they realize both of them know Natalie Guercio. Coincidentally, the model is also named Natalie. Natalie 2 tells Drita that she doesn’t personally know Natalie 1, but Natalie 1 used to date her friend. Said friend went to jail, and Natalie waited on him. When he was released, he and Natalie got in a fight and she called his parole officer. Drita can’t believe this news! Could their friend really be a rat? She can’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t abide by the rules of the streets!

London and Natalieare touring their neighborhood, and London is hoping that Natalie’s son with acclimate quickly. He’s called friends for play dates. In fact, he’s already found some ten-year-old girls to hang out with her son. No way. Natalie knows what kids do at age ten. Um, they have play dates? Natalie worries that her big mouth is going to get her in trouble in the new place. She promises to be more patient with London. Good luck with that, my friend! Upon hearing the news that Natalie ratted out her ex, Dritacalls a meeting of the ladies. I’ll skip over the sex lives discussion. Sheesh. As Drita relays the news, Renee feels vindicated. Ratalie! Cop caller! Hearing about Natalie from someone outside of their circle is a game changer. Of course, Renee and Karen are a tad insulted. Why is Drita taking a stranger’s word for it over theirs? Ang can’t believe that Naatlie is making her look bad. Don’t tarnish her reputation by being a cop caller.

The episode concludes with Ang again requesting advice from Victoria. Ang is happy to have mended her friendship with Renee, but there’s been a bump in the road. Ang has learned that Renee’s husband Junior was the informant at her cousin’s trial. Junior and her cousin were robbing a store (Ang doesn’t approve), and an innocent man was shot and killed by Junior. However, now that Junior has cooperated, her cousin may get life in prison. Ang is worried that Renee is going to go crazy when she learns this news. Ang is worried about her friend’s sobriety. The ladies agree…nothing is worse than a rat.


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