MK mobile construction cranes (2023)

MK mobile construction cranes (1)
MK mobile construction cranes (2)

MK 73-3.1 Mobile construction crane

The latest addition to the series.

With 3 axles, it provides all the familiar MK functions with a minimal footprint. Ideal for densely built-up urban and residential areas.

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MK mobile construction cranes (3)

MK 88-4.1 Mobile Construction Crane

The MK for every eventuality.

With four axles, this crane combines powerful maximum lifting capacities with astonishing manoeuvrability. The MK 88-4.1 is suitable for lots of jobs from urban construction sites to industrial projects.

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MK mobile construction cranes (4)

MK 140 Mobile Construction Crane

Our solution for special requirements.

The 5-axle crane is the most powerful MK in the current series. It delivers a hook height of up to 94.4 m and a large reach. This means it can be used to retrofit radio masts at great heights, for example.

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MK mobile construction cranes (5)


Small footprint

The MK really shows its strengths when space is at a premium. The MK requires very little space for assembly and operation.

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MK mobile construction cranes (6)


Only one person is required to transport, assemble and operate the crane. No expensive additional transport and extra assembly personnel are required.

MK mobile construction cranes (7)


The vertical tower allows Liebherr mobile construction cranes to be used right next to the building. Use the full jib length with high lifting capacities at the jib head.

MK mobile construction cranes (8)


High mobility without enormous logistics – arrive, hoist, move on, with no additional transport.

MK mobile construction cranes (9)


Their active rear axle steering enables Liebherr mobile construction cranes to get into any gap.

MK mobile construction cranes (10)

The electric crane – the solution is hybrid

Alternative drive systems and electromobility are among the biggest drivers of the future when it comes to zero emissions construction sites. Ever more stringent regulations relating to air purity from local authorities and the EU are accelerating this trend.

Awareness of more ecologically sound drive systems is also rising in construction machinery – with electrical drive units becoming more and more common on construction sites.

E-mode: Our MK mobile construction cranes can be operated silently with zero emissions on site, and the whole system is very economical and sustainable using a site power supply.

To ensure that they can be operated reliably, MK cranes also have a diesel-powered generator which can be used if necessary – and is also particularly economical as a result of the extremely low power consumption of the drive units.

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MK mobile construction cranes - building the future.


MK mobile construction cranes (11)

Urban and night sites

Cable bridge, Munich (D)

MK mobile construction cranes (12)

Refineries and chemical plants

BP refinery, Lingen (D)

MK mobile construction cranes (13)

Roof refurbishment

Department store renovation, Siegen (D)

MK mobile construction cranes (14)

Installation of solar panels

Solar roof on building materials store, Augsburg (D)

MK mobile construction cranes (15)

Prefabricated component and house construction

Amazon building, Munich-Riem (D)

MK mobile construction cranes (16)

Maintenance and repair work

Schouten gates, Rotterdam (NL)

MK mobile construction cranes (17)

Bridge and road building

Valley bridge, Wetzlar (D)

MK mobile construction cranes (18)

Wood, steel and hall construction

Production hall, Telfs (A)

MK mobile construction cranes (19)


“The mobile construction crane was ready to start work in less than an hour. Its small footprint was a real benefit.”


MK mobile construction cranes (20)

Liebherr mobile construction cranes show their true value on site.

Constricted space, high handling capacity with high precision – MK mobile construction cranes from Liebherr are convincing on every job, even in extreme conditions.

To the job reports

  • The sound of silence: Liebherr mobile construction crane in electric operation
  • Liebherr MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane masters 1,600 lifts in the Swiss Alps
  • Crane in operation despite limited available space: MK lifts radio equipment onto telecommunications tower
  • Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane is the secret star in the arena of Verona


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MK 73-3.1Mobile construction crane

  • StandardEN 14439
  • Lines2
  • Max. lifting capacity6,000 kg
  • Lifting capacity at max. radius2,000 kg
  • Max. hook height26.50 m
  • Luffed jib position0 / 15 / 30 / 45 °

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MK 88-4.1Mobile construction crane

  • StandardEN 14439
  • Lines2
  • Max. lifting capacity8,000 kg
  • Lifting capacity at max. radius2,200 kg
  • Max. hook height30.20 m
  • Luffed jib position15 / 30 / 45 °

View details

MK 140Mobile construction crane

  • StandardEN 14439
  • Lines2
  • Max. lifting capacity8,000 kg
  • Lifting capacity at max. radius1,900 kg
  • Max. hook height39.90 m
  • Luffed jib position70 °

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MK 140-5.1

  • StandardEN 14439
  • Lines2
  • Max. lifting capacity8,000 kg
  • Lifting capacity at max. radius1,900 kg
  • Max. hook height39.90 m
  • Luffed jib position70 °

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MK mobile construction cranes (29)


Every day, enthusiastic crane drivers and customers from all over the world take the opportunity to collect their new Liebherr mobile construction crane straight from the production plant in Biberach an der Riss, Germany. To ensure that you can look back at this experience for a long time to come, we take a photograph of the ceremonial handover of the keys for you to keep.

The following show the moments of the handover

MK mobile construction cranes (30)


A fast-erecting crane mounted on a truck chassis for the very first time

MK mobile construction cranes (31)


Development of the MK 40 and MK 45 mobile construction cranes on a conventional truck chassis.

MK mobile construction cranes (32)

2001: THE MK 80

The birth of the new generation of MK mobile construction cranes.

The chassis and crane configuration are a completely new development.

MK mobile construction cranes (33)

2004: THE MK 100

Inspired by the great success of the MK 80 launched in 2001, the new MK 100 was developed with a five-axle chassis and a jib length of 52 m.

MK mobile construction cranes (34)

2007: THE MK 63

With the 45° super luffed position of the jib, the first of its kind on a mobile construction crane, the MK 63 achieves a hook height of 47.9 m, unique for this time in this crane class. Furthermore, this model also featured a remote diagnostic facility by data transfer.

MK mobile construction cranes (35)

2009: THE MK 88

The new MK 88 set new standards in terms of size, equipment and performance in the four-axle class. A larger crane configuration enabled the maximum values for hook height and radius to be significantly increased.

MK mobile construction cranes (36)

2013: THE MK 140

The MK 140 is a compact five-axle model which opens up a whole new dimension of performance in this crane class. Performance which previously was only possible from higher axle classes. The real highlight of this product is its special “luffing mode”. This mode enables a luffed jib position of up to 70°.

MK mobile construction cranes (37)

2019: THE MK 88-4.1

Liebherr has updated its existing four-axle crane and will present the new MK 88-4.1 at Bauma 2019. The additional number at the end of the product name reflects the 4 axles and that it is the first version of this crane type. Featuring proven MK technology, this mobile construction crane is even more powerful and flexible than its predecessor. This is especially evident in a luffed jib position.

MK mobile construction cranes (38)

2021: The MK 73-3.1

The newly developed 3-axle crane combines the advantages of the MK concept: That is why the small and compact mobile construction crane stands out with its manoeuvrability and extremely quick readiness for use. Its particularly environmentally friendly Hybrid Power Concept in connection with one engine for travel and operation saves service time and costs.

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