Killer Queen | Chapter One (Mob! Tom Holland X Reader) (2022)

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Mob! Tom Holland X Reader


Summary: The King of the London mob Tom Holland is ordered to be taken down, but what will happen in the end whether he is taken down or not.


Killer Queen | Chapter One (Mob! Tom Holland X Reader) (1)

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I wasn’t until a few weeks later that your client got in touch with you. Notifying you that Mr. Holland had an opening in his mob, not that you didn’t already know, with your skills you could easily climb up the status ladder and become one of his close partners in crime very quickly. So you went to the club that you knew his right-hand man was the boss at, despite Holland owning the place. You arrived there in a short black dress that also slightly bejeweled, so simple but still slightly fancy, enough to gain his attention in more ways than one. You spotted the man who you were looking for almost immediatelyas he sat at a private table upstairs, having a good view of the club. Now all you had to do was get his attention.

“Ma’am I’m looking for Mr. Osterfield, I’ve heard he comes here a lot. Is he here today?” You ask a waitress walking past, she nods and gives you a nervous look. Slightly unsure of your request and seems worried. She then serves the alcohol that was in her hands and then goes up to the private area. The blonde stands up and comes into better view as he approaches the railing while the waitress points out where you are. You give him a flirtatious wave before he nods his head at you and disappears.

Rolling youreyes, you realize he’s probably a player and thinks you’re someone he’s hooked up with, maybe here to tell him you’re pregnant with his baby or you want to see him again. Ordering a light drink you wait for him to come down, not sure as of when he’d approach you. Soon after finishing your first drink you were interrupted.

“Give her another one of whatever she’s drinking, on us.” A voice said to the bartender. You turned in your chair to see Mr. Osterfield or Harrison as you’d learned from your research, in a very expensive suit one that his unlawfulness could definitely pay for.


“Took you long enough.” You scoff, taking the drink from the bartender.

“Who are you? How do you know me?… I would probably remember you if I’d ever hooked up with you.” He asks leaning against the bar.

“Ah, so you are a player. No have I ever fucked with you and I probably never will. I heard that Holland is looking for a new… employee. So I came to the right-hand man to see if I could get in.”

He chuckles.“Right-hand man aye? And how’d you know I was his right-hand.”

“Anyone with brains would realize since you’re with him practically all the time and his twin brothers are practically still teenagers who get drunk and fuck with any girl they can, making them too idiotic to be his right-hand.”

Harrison laughs slightly. “Very observant… and you do understand that I don’t think he’s looking for-”

“A woman? Isn’t that kind of sexist? Considering that I could be better than all the other contenders that are men, and you’d never know.” You scoff taking a sip of your drink.“And besides, he could probably use a woman’s touch in his life. His strippers and prostitutesdon’t count as being in his life.” You continue making him laugh.

“I’ll tell him you said that.”

“Do you think I care if you do? Holland doesn’t scare me and I could probably beat his ass in a fight any day.”

“You’re very confident in your skills.”

“That’s because I’m a woman and I’ve been told no or that I can’t do things because I’m a woman, and yet, I beat men twice my size, time and time again.”

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“What did you say your name was?”

“I never did. But it was nice to meet you, Harrison-”

“How’d you know my first-” He interrupts you.

“-but I’ve got things to do and I’m sure you have too.” You gulping the rest of your drink and picking up your phone off the table.

“And what would you have to do and 10 o’clock at night?” He asks with an amused look on his face.

“That’s none of your business, but will you put in a good word for me?” You say giving him a small smile.

“You do realize how harsh it is to get in with Holland?” He says as he fixes his cufflinks.

“Yes, only a couple survive and the rest end up dead or with extreme injuries and are sworn to secrecy.” You roll your eyes and say as if it was obvious.

“Then yes I will put in a good word.” He smiles at you. You smile back and kiss him on the cheek before leaving the club with a grin on your face. Leaving Harrison dumb-founded and going back up to the private area.

“What did she want?” His best mate growled as Harrison sat back down.

“She wanted in… like in with the mob.” He chuckles, causing his best friend to almost spit his drink out at the statement.

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“She does realize what she’s getting herself into, and that I wanted men. Not women.”

“Just give her a shot, she understands the stakes and is confident in her skills. She also says that you’re sexist about not giving women a shot and that you obviously need a women’s touch in your life, and that your strippers and prostitutes don’t count.” Harrison replies sitting down, his friend’s two younger twin brothers start laughing about what she said. But soon shut up when their older brother glares at them.

“Yeah Tom, give her a shot. I bet Dad would be impressed if she was good. Harrison believes in her, so maybe you should.” One of his brother’s pointed out.

“That’s only cause he thinks she’s attractive. And Dad could also be disappointed.”

“I mean she is pretty fit…” The brother shrugs, earning a slap over the head from his twin brother sitting next to him. The eldest brother and King of the mob only rolled his eyes.

“Stop thinking about your dick for once!” The other twin scolds him.

“Yeah, but her being attractive could be a massive advantage. Seducing people into telling them information.” Harrison states trying to sway his friend and boss.

“True…” He replies, thinking about whether the girl in or not.“Harrison go see if she’s outside still and give her more details.”

Harrison nods at his friend and goes to get up but gets interrupted by his friend.

“And mate might want to wipe ya face, you’ve got a lipstick mark.” The mob leader says tapping his cheek to show Harrison where to wipe.

Harrison rolls his eyes and wipes the back of his hand on his cheek only smearing the mark more and goes outside to find you leaning against the building and approaches you again.

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“Hey!” Harrison says, making you avert your eyes from your phone to him.

“Hey? Did you manage to get me in?” You ask standing up properly.

“I just rang the boss-man and had a conversation about it and he’s agreed to let you go through the trials… here are the details and don’t be late.” He says giving you a small business card look-a-like with the destination’s coordinates on the back, before going back into the building.

You smirk to yourself. They’d easily taken an interest in the trap and now all you had to do was lay the bait and they’d fall into it just as fast. You call the number you were about to text and wait for them to pick up.

“Yes?” The artificial deep and unrecognizable voice answered.

“I’m into the trails, they’re not for a week.”

“Good. Did you meet him?”

“Not today but he was in the building, Harrison came back too quickly for it to be a phone call, and there’s no reception in there.”


“Holland’s right-hand.”

“Good job, getting to know those closest to him is a great move. Keep us updated and when it’s time to move in.”

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“I will.”

And the line goes flat.

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