How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft (2023)

Introduction: How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

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Hello! This is an instructable on how to make fireworks in Minecraft. Yes, there are fireworks in minecraft, and you can customize them in any way you like!

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need:

black dye(ink sac from squid)

red dye(rose red)

green dye(cactus green)

(Video) The ULTIMATE Guide to Fireworks in Minecraft!! (Java 1.18+)

brown dye(cocoa bean)

blue dye(lapis lazuli)

purple dye

cyan dye

light grey dye

grey dye

pink dye

lime dye

yellow dye(dandelion yellow)

light blue dye

magenta dye

orange dye

white dye(bone meal)




glowstone dust

gold nugget

fire charge


(Video) Minecraft Firework Tutorial (How to Craft Fireworks and Firework Stars in Minecraft)

crafting table

Step 2: Finding the Materials(if in Survival)

The crafting table is made of four wood planks in a square.

Step 3: Paper

To get paper, you need a supply of sugar cane. Once you break it, put 3 in a row on the crafting table to get paper.

Step 4: ​Gunpowder

Gunpowder is found from creepers, witches, or ghasts, so creepers are the easy choice. Destroy a few creepers to obtain gunpowder.

Step 5: Diamonds

Diamonds are found underground at level 15 or deeper, and are mined with an iron pickaxe.

Step 6: Glowstone

Glowstone is found in witches, if you want to stay in the overworld, but if you want lots, you have to set up a witch farm or go to the nether. In the nether, you can find patches of glowstone hanging from the walls or ceiling.

Step 7: Gold Nuggets

Gold is found in zombiepigmen or underground below level 32. You need an iron pickaxe to mine it. Pick up the ore block and take it to a furnace. Smelt it to get gold ingots. Put a gold ingot in the crafting table to get gold nuggets.

Step 8: Fire Charge

A trip to the nether is necessary to gain access to a fire charge. You need blaze powder from a blaze, coal, and gunpowder.

Step 9: Head

Heads are fairly hard to get, but they make spectacular fireworks. Go to the nether and find a wither skeleton. Once you obliterate it, it has a very small chance to drop its head. To gain another kind of head is nearly impossible in vanilla survival. Wait for a thunderstorm. If a creeper gets struck by lightning, it becomes a charged creeper. When a charged creeper explodes, any mobs destroyed in the blast will drop their heads. Now for the hard choice. You can either lead it around, trying to get it to destroy a mob, or sacrifice yourself and return to get your own head. Either way will work.

Step 10: Dyes

Rose red if obtained when you break a rose bush or a poppy and craft it.

Cactus green is obtained when you break a cactus and smelt the items in a furnace.

Cocoa beans are found in the jungle. Just break them and you're done.

Lapis lazuli is found underground most commonly at level 10-20.

Red and lapis make purple.

Green and lapis make cyan.

Destroying a skeleton gives you bone meal.

Green and bone meal makes lime.

Ink sacs come from hunting a squid in the ocean.

Bone meal and ink sacs make grey.

(Video) How To Make Fireworks in Minecraft 1.18

Bone meal and grey makes light grey.

A peony bush makes pink dye when crafted.

Sunflowers or dandelions make yellow dye.

Blue and white makes light blue.

Allium or lilac makes magenta.

An orange tulip makes orange dye, but also red and yellow.

Step 11: Fireworks

A firework consists of two parts, the star, and the rocket. The star is what makes the beautiful colors, and the rocket brings it up into the air.

Step 12: Crafting Our First Firework

Pick up a piece of paper and put it on the crafting grid with a piece of gunpowder. Pick up the resulting firework rocket. If it is survival, wait for night and set it to peaceful. If you're in creative, do the cheat /time set night.

Right click on the ground to launch it.


hmmmm nothing happened. Oh, right. We forgot the firework star!

Put a piece of orange dye in the crafting grid with gunpowder. Look! the firework star. Take the star and put in the crafting grid. Now, combine it with paper and gunpowder. Pick up the rocket. right click on the ground to launch it. OOH! If it went correctly, you should see it explode into an orange ball some distance from the ground. This is the most basic kind of firework.

Step 13: More Fireworks.

Compared with other fireworks, this one is very boring. We need to add effects. Pick up a dye and put it into the crafting grid with gunpowder. Grab a fire charge and put it into the crafting grid. This time, it should say the color of the firework and its effect. In this case, it should say large ball. Let's test this one out.

Phewwwwww..w..ww.w..ww...w..ww.w..................BABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A large ball of your choice color should appear in the sky. This one should be much louder than the small POP!!! that the regular one gave you. You should also have noticed a small delay between sight and sound. This is to simulate what you hear when you go to see the fireworks.

Now lets try some more effects. Put the dye of choice with the gunpowder into the grid. This time, place a golden nugget. It should say, star-shaped in the info box when you hover over the star. Craft a rocket with it and launch. You should see an explosion shaped like a star appear in the sky.

Step 14: Even More Fireworks

Now, do the same as last, except in place of the gold, use a diamond. This will create a ball, except with a trail behind it.

All these fireworks have been single color fireworks, but there is good news. Your fireworks can have more than one color added in. Also, you can combine more than one effect in the firework. This will result in spectacular looking fireworks. Please note, however, that certain effects can't be combined. Here is one firework with the star and trail combined. The head makes a cool explosion shaped as a creeper face. A feather will bake a burst firework.

(Video) Minecraft - How to make Simple and Auto Firework Launcher Machine

Step 15: More Combinations

If you want many effects at once, and some can't be combined, and/or you want more colors, make more than one firework star. Here is a creeper star firework.You can also change how high your fireworks by changing the amount of gunpowder in the ROCKET.

Step 16: Other Uses and Dangers

Fireworks, in large quantities can be use as distress beacons because of the sound they make and the light. You can set up many fireworks and dispensers connected to pressure plates to launch them up in a display. A warning. Fireworks, if they contain a star, will damage mobs and items in close vicinity. So be careful. If you have a pair of elytra wings, fireworks will come in useful to propel you long distances. First, make a firework rocket with no star. If you want to go farther use more gunpowder. hold the rocket in your hands. Jump off a cliff, and when you want to go farther, look up and launch the firework. You will be propelled a fair distance, then you will glide again. So happy Minecrafting! :D

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In Minecraft, when players add at least one firework star to a firework rocket, they can deal a total of seven damage, or three and a half hearts. However, as players add firework stars, the damage increases. Each firework star increases two damage (or one heart) to the crafted firework rocket.

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In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3x3 crafting grid. To make a basic firework rocket, place 1 gunpowder and 1 paper in the 3x3 crafting grid.

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