Finding housing yourself - Leiden University (2023)

Finding housing is your own responsibility therefore it is important to plan ahead. Find out how and when to start your search and read other important tips and advice.

Start early!

Leiden and The Hague are attractive and popular student cities. It can therefore be difficult and time consuming to find inexpensive housing. It isessential that you start looking for housing as early as you can.Even before admission if possible.

Need a student residence permit?If so, finding housing early is even more important. Student residence permit holders must register at a Dutch town hall soon after arrival, for which you will need an official Dutch address. Failure to do so can result in the cancellation of your residence permit.

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How to search for housing

Follow the steps and advice below to get your search off to a good start.

Before starting your search, make a realistic estimate of what you are prepared to pay. Take into consideration that rental prices in The Netherlands are quite high and that the most expensive areas are around Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden and Utrecht.

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Rough indication of monthly rental prices

Note that prices vary greatlydepending on whether facilities are shared, how many housemates you will have and if water/gas/electricity are included.

  • Room in Leiden: € 350 - € 600
  • Room in The Hague: € 250 - € 500
  • Studio in Leiden or The Hague: € 600 - € 800
  • Apartment in Leiden or The Hague: € 650 - € 1000

Consider other towns

Don’t restrict your search to the cities of Leiden or The Hague. Take a look in the surrounding villages and towns, where you can often get better value for money. For example, if you are searching in the Leiden area you could consider Oegstgeest, Voorschoten and even the beach towns of Katwijk and Noordwijk.If you are searching in The Hague, you could take a look in Scheveningen andLeidschendam.

As soon as possible, register with non-profit housing organisations or platforms such as ROOM.NL (see below). Registration fees are generally not expensive. These organisations work with waiting lists, so the earlier you register, the greater your chance of getting a room by the start of the semester.

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ROOM.NL housing platform

ROOM.NL is a platform through which various non-profit housing organisations offer accommodation to students. There is a priority system in place for students moving to the region from far away, i.e. from other countries or the more distant areas of The Netherlands. So as an international student, you have a greater chance of getting a room.

Accommodation via ROOM.NL can be offered either as:

  • Regular student rental, or
  • Via a ‘vote-in’ procedure, known in Dutch ashospiteren, i.e. you will be interviewed for a place in a shared student house by the other occupants.

Other non-profit housing organisations


The Hague

Various locations

Whilst trying to get a room via non-profit housing organisations, also take a look at commercial housing agencies. Visit their websites to find out what they have on offer and how they do business. Always check whether you have to pay a feeand familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations. You can also try using housing search engines.

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Commercial housing agencies


The Hague

Various locations

Housing search engines

  • If possible, stay with family or friends. Even if this is just till you get settled and have had time to search for your own place. This will make your start in The Netherlands that much easier.
  • Use your contacts. Do you already know people in The Netherlands? If so, ask them for help and advice.
  • Use social media. Students often use Facebook groups to offer and search for accommodation.
  • Temporary solutions. Have you found a place but can only move in later? You could consider staying in a holiday apartment or hostel but bear in mind that this can be very expensive.

Hostels and holiday rentals

Finding accommodation in Leiden or The Hague can be difficult. If you haven't founda place to live before leaving home, we strongly advise younotto come to Leiden University. Consider deferring your studies to allow yourself moretime to find a place to stay.

Other important advice

Unfortunately, international students are sometimes targeted by scammers offering non-existent accommodation. Make sure you don’t fall victim to a rental scam by following the tips below.

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When searching for housing:

  • Check the credentials of the advertiser:
    • Make sure the agency or landlord is who they say they are. Search online for reviews or warnings. Get their full contact details, including postal address. If you have a photo of the landlord/agent, do an online reversed image search. Scammers often use stolen or false identities.
    • If possible, meet the landlord or agent, or get a contact person in The Netherlands to do so for you.
    • Check the agency is listed on theDutch Chamber of Commerce website(in Dutch, but simply enter the company name in the search bar to look for listings).
  • Check the property really exists:
    • Look for the address in Google Maps. Does the description in the ad match the actual location?
    • Compare the photos in the ad with Google Street View. Does the view from the window or the property style reflect what you would expect? Are features mentioned in the ad that don’t match the location, e.g. non-existent tram stops?
    • If possible, view the property in advance.
  • Look for suspiciously similar ads. Scammers often recycle text and images from old ads. Search for the exact text online or try a reversed image search.
  • Beware of properties that are much cheaper than others in the same area. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Beware of agencies or landlords who contact you first. Scammers often target people who have been looking for rooms via online platforms and social media.
  • Are you interested in a property but still have your suspicions? Check who actually owns the property by requesting digital proof ofownership (uitreksel eigendomsakte) for a small fee from theland registry website (Kadaster).

Warning signs

  • The agency or landlord:
    • Seems to be based outside the Netherlands.
    • Is vague, doesn’t want to answer your questions, or speaks very poor English or Dutch.
  • Payment and contracts:
    • You are pushed to sign the contract right away without having time to check it. Always check contracts carefully before signing! See the sectionrental contract advice.
    • You are asked to pay costs well in advance, before you have even viewed the room or met the landlord.
    • You are asked to pay in cash, or transfer money to a non-Dutch bank account or via a service such as Western Union or MoneyGram.
    • You are asked to send a copy of your passport or ID in advance. Never send your official documents to people you do not know!

Other tips

If you have been scammed

So you think you’ve found a place to live. That’s great! Before signing your rental contract, read the following advice carefully.

  • Make sure you canregister with your local town hallat the address. This is sometimes not the case, e.g. for sublet accommodation.
  • If you are offered a contract in Dutch, always have it translated so you know what you are signing.
  • Check all the following are correctly stated on the contract: your details, those of your landlord, rental period, rental price, payment dates (and methods) and notice period.
  • Check what is included in your rent, e.g. gas, water, electricity, service costs, internet, local taxes etc.
  • Check whether you need to pay an agency fee, deposit or other additional fees. If a security deposit is required, find out how and when you can get it back.
  • Check if the room is furnished. If so, are there additional costs for taking over the furnishings? Make sure an itinerary of contents is included in your agreement.
  • Check that the property has the standard safety provisions, such as smoke and CO2 detectors, fire extinguishers and a fire escape route.

Housing hotline

Want to ask questions about housing or voice your complaints? Contact theHousing hotline. This is an initiative of the Dutch Student Union (LSVb) and Erasmus Student Network (ESN), through which international students can request online advice on a range of housing issues.

Huurteam Leiden (rental team Leiden)

Are you renting in Leiden and would you like to check whether you are paying too much rent and if essential maintenance is overdue? The municipality’s Huurteam Leiden(Leiden Rental Team) can check your property, scrutinise your contract, issue advice and in some cases even contact the landlord on your behalf.

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How do I get student housing in Leiden? ›

  1. Pararius is a popular website to find accommodation in the Netherlands. ...
  2. ROOM offers accommodations for people following a study programme. ...
  3. DUWO is one of the biggest student housing platforms in the Netherlands and offers accommodation in many different cities also Leiden!

What is the acceptance rate of Leiden University? ›

The acceptance rate of Leiden University is 63%.

Where do students live in Leiden? ›

Arranging student housing

Like many universities in the Netherlands, Leiden University does not have a central campus or student dormitories. Instead, our faculties are spread throughout the cities of Leiden and The Hague and students live in accommodation rented via housing organisations and landlords.

How is student life in Leiden? ›

Leiden is a real student city and has everything you'll need to turn your time as a student into the time of your life. And as a growing and internationally oriented student city, The Hague offers a great mix for a fabulous student experience. Leiden is a real student city.

Is Leiden University prestigious? ›

QS World University Rankings

In the ranking of the best universities in the world, Leiden University is in 131th position. After Wageningen University & Research (124) and Utrecht University (112).

Why is Leiden famous? ›

Leiden is a city with a rich cultural heritage, not only in science, but also in the arts. One of the world's most famous painters, Rembrandt, was born and educated in Leiden. Other famous Leiden painters include Lucas van Leyden, Jan van Goyen and Jan Steen.

Is Leiden University selective? ›

LUC The Hague has a selective admissions process through which we aim to select a diverse and international student body for the 200 places available each year.

Is Leiden a good student city? ›

Leiden is renowned for its many student associations. There are over 20 of them, ranging from sports, music and social clubs to cultural associations.

What is it like to live in Leiden? ›

Leiden is a very beautiful and historic town that is filled with authentic Dutch buildings. That's probably why you actually want to live there! This is also why living in the city centre of Leiden can be a bit more costly, due to the historical and sentimental values of the houses situated there.

Is Leiden nice to live? ›

Leiden has a charming, historic centre with narrow, gabled streets and beautiful canals. By far the most attractive (and expensive) area to live in is the historic city centre. Highly desired are large old homes on the Rapenburg and, further south, in the Professorenwijk and Burgemeesterswijk.

Is Leiden good for international students? ›

By choosing Leiden University, you'll be choosing to broaden your personal and academic horizons. You'll be in excellent company too because you'll be part of an inspiring community of students, lecturers and professors from all over the world.

When should I start looking for student housing? ›

Private student halls tend to open up for sale for the next academic year around October or November time and often start advertising plenty of great offers and the lowest rates. You'll already know the city you'll be staying in by then so will have a good idea of where you'd ideally like to live.

How can international students get housing in Netherlands? ›

How to find a room
  1. DUWO: DUWO is an agency that works with the University. ...
  2. Xior ( --> (Premium) student housing provider. ...
  3. --> Online platform to rent houses/rooms.
  4. Makelaar ( --> Usually rent studio rooms.

How much is student accommodation in the Netherlands? ›

Housing. An average room in the Netherlands costs somewhere between € 300 and € 600 a month. The costs depend on the city where you study, what is included in the rent and the arrangements made by the institution.

Are Dutch universities hard? ›

The Dutch education system compared to the American is a bit more relaxed in regards to class assignments but more strict in regards to grading. It's often difficult to attain high marks, and you get fewer assignments than you would in an American school.

What is Leiden University Good For? ›

Leiden University is a leading European research university and we enjoy an excellent reputation as a multidisciplinary and research-intensive university. Our education is closely interwoven with scientific research and we are proud to count many top researchers amongst our academic staff.

What grades do I need to get into Leiden University? ›

You must have a GPA of at least 3.2 out of 4.0 (or equivalent). Your academic background must be relevant to the courses you are applying for. For some courses, specific prerequisite knowledge is required – see the prospectus for details.

Is Leiden worth? ›

If you want to visit a city which has the feel of Amsterdam and yet wish skip the crowds of the Dutch capital city, then Leiden makes for the perfect escape from Amsterdam. Easy to see as a day trip from Amsterdam or the Hague, Leiden is home to several windmills, countless waterways, and plenty of churches.

What does Leiden mean? ›

Leiden in British English

or Leyden (ˈlaɪdən , Dutch ˈlɛidə ) a city in the W Netherlands, in South Holland province: residence of the Pilgrim Fathers for 11 years before they sailed for America in 1620; university (1575). Pop: 118 000 (2003 est) Collins English Dictionary.

Is it worth visiting Leiden Netherlands? ›

Leiden is definitely worth visiting! This university city has a lot to offer tourists and residents alike, including the old city center, canals, museums, and charming restaurants.

What GPA do you need to get into Leiden University? ›

Academic requirements

You must have a GPA of at least 3.2 out of 4.0 (or equivalent). Your academic background must be relevant to the courses you are applying for.

How long does Leiden take to respond? ›

Leiden University will make a decision within four to six weeks after the receipt of your application. In the meantime, you can check the status of your application online. The Board of Admissions will send you its decision by email within four to six weeks after your application has been received.

What is the acceptance rate of TU Delft? ›

The Delft University of Technology acceptance rate revolves around 60-70%. Furthermore, it depends on the program students are applying for. BSc programs tend to have a better acceptance rate than most MSc programs.

Is Wageningen hard to get into? ›

In Wageningen there's no reason to worry about that. If you meet the admissions requirements, you're in. Easy as that! In other words, if you have a relevant BSc degree, a GPA of 70%, and have a good command of English (proven by an English test), there's no reason for the university to reject to you.


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