机械动力 (Create)更新日志 - MC百科|最大的Minecraft中文MOD百科 (2023)

Create v0.3for Minecraft 1.15.2 and 1.16.3-4

Enough. It's finally time.

- Entity Collision for all types of moving structures.

- Mechanical Arms

- Andesite and Brass Funnels

- Chute

- Depot

- Blaze Burners

- Andesite Belt Tunnels

- Splitting, sorting and distribution functionality for Brass Tunnels

- Dyeable Seats

- Sail Frames and dyeable Sails

- Windmill Bearing

- Mechanical Pump

- Fluid Pipes

- Encased and non-opaque version of the Fluid Pipe

- Item Drain

- Hose Pulley

- Smart Fluid Pipe

- Fluid Valve and dyeable valve handles

- Fluid Tank and Creative Fluid Tank

- Spout

- Chocolate Bar

- Builder's Tea

- Minecart Couplings

- Contraptions mounted between two Minecarts

- Radiant and Shadow Casing

- Copper Tiles

- Support for active Dispensers, Droppers and bells on contraptions

- Decorative wooden and metal brackets

- Decorative Braziers

- Mechanical bearings now "stabilize" rotation of a contraption with an attached sub-contraption

- Portable Fluid Interface

- Controller Rails

- Fluids for chocolate, honey, milk and tea

- Compatibility items for well-known materials from other mods

- New recipe chains

- Recipe type for custom basin/press compacting

- Recipe type for spout filling

- Recipe type for item draining

- Chest-Minecart mounted contraptions

- Better placement convenience for piston poles, shafts and cogwheels

- "/create fixLighting", enables experimental forge block rendering

- Piston Pole's length of pistons to goggle overlay

- Belt observer

- Transposer

- Funnels

- Extractors

- "catalyst" ingredients

- Rows of nixie tubes will now display text from a name tag used on them

- Visual overhaul of most components

- Mechanical belts can now connect vertical shafts together

- Basins can now be assigned a filter to narrow down the range of recipes that can be applied to its ingredients

- Belt tunnels now create side-openings for belt-like blocks such as the depot

- Belt tunnels can now be placed on non-reinforced belt segments, and will apply the missing casing automatically

- Sideways and Vertical belts can now be reinforced with casing

- Belts can now be reinforced with andesite casing

- Reinforcing belts no longer consumes the casing block

- Filtering now supports setting the extraction count for empty filter slots (wildcard)

- Fixed items (visually) disappearing on saws while queueing up

- Fixed fast moving items missing their processing step

- The Mechanical Press and similar processing can no longer commence whenever there is a block with a collision shape between item and machine

- The Mechanical Press now operates faster on faster input speed

- Stockpile switches can now take a filter

- Stockpile switches no longer only access slots exposed to a specific side of an inventory

- Portable Storage Interfaces now act as an inventory proxy of the attached contraption

- Portable Storage Interfaces are now used in pairs like contacts

- Visual rework of all active UIs

- Input items/fluids of a basin can now be extracted or reused in further processing

- Basins can now process items and liquids in recipes

- Added the ability to disable auto-compat with vanilla recipe types in the configs

- Attribute filters are now made of brass

- Minecarts can no longer be moved while a contraption is stalling them

- Wrenches can now remove minecarts in one hit

- Hand cranks now consume saturation

- Fixed faulty loot tables for double slabs

- Improved rendering of items and fluids inside basins

- Reworked model of the schematic table

- Contraptions now render blocks in appropriate render layers

- Fixed ejected belt items behaving inconsistently between different orientations

- Fixed blockzapper not showing up in the searchable creative menu

- Fixed the kinetic connectivity of the rotation speed controller

- Fixed Stockpile Switch emitting redstone power towards its detection target

- Items can now be inserted onto belts regardless of it moving or not

- Fixed item duplication on stopped belts

- Hand cranks can now be made without the need of brass

- The press no longer requires a redstone signal to activate on in-world items

- The Mechanical bearing can no longer generate force from wind

- Clockwork bearings can now be configured to switch minute and hour hand aswell as use a 24 hour cycle

- Allowed our filters to be populated from JEIs ghost-ingredients

- Fixed large scale renderers such as belts, cannons, pulleys to disappear when partially out of frame

- Schematic and Quill now has the ability to convert a selection to a readied schematic instantly

- Moved option input of cart assemblers to side faces

- Stockpile switches can now be inverted

- Fixed stockpile switches not dynamically updating gui indicators frequently enough

- Sequenced gearshifts now emit a comparator signal based on their current instruction index

- The Piston instruction for sequencers can now accept distances up to 128m

- Fixed some rendering inconsistencies with symmetry mirrors

- Reworked symmetry mirror models to match the tool better

- Attribute filters can now add inverted conditions to the list

- Added the attribute "can be crushed"

- Made the schematicannon interface a little less confusing

- Deployers no longer actively pull items from other inventories

- Held items of a deployer can now only be extracted by other blocks if it does not match the filter

- Creative crates now provide their contents to contraptions

- Belt funnels now render with animated flaps

- Fixed creative crates not marking their inventory as removed when destroyed

- Items on belts now back up a little further away from the end of the belt

- Outdated localizations will now have a populated counterpart in the generated assets, for easier maintenance

- Waterlogging support for various components

- Fixed nether wart resource loop when Quark is present

- Fixed tooltips getting occluded by certain gui elements

- Crafters can no longer be covered when while they are holding an item

- Fixed tunnels with windows occluding block faces directly behind them

- The mixer can now process vanilla potion recipes

- Fixed chromatic compound needing line of sight to the sky to convert even when the beacon is active

- Fixed fan processing on item entities happening on both logical sides

- Fixed localization of sawing recipe category

- Mechanical Saws now animate dynamically on contraptions

- Deployers can now be paused using a redstone signal; stopping them after their next completed cycle

- Added tinting support for blocks shown in UIs

- Updated wrench model

- Fixed prismarine recipe cycles from various mod interactions

- Added hints when looking at

- Mechanical arms with no targets

- Funnels attempted to be used like 0.2 transposers

- Bearings that require an update to attach to their blocks

- Fluid Tanks and Creative Fluid Tanks form a combined fluid inventory on contraptions

- Portable Storage interfaces now interrupt their connection when receiving redstone power

- Basins can now push outputs to any open inventory

- Reworked some of the tooltips presented by kinetic components

- Slight optimizations to contraption vertex lighting

- Encased shafts and gearboxes can now join textures with respective casing blocks

- Renamed Encased Belts to Encased Chain Drives for easier distinction

- Fixed items sometimes being deleted when breaking belts

- Material Checklists are now localized

- Slight performance tweaks to redstone links

- Blockzappers now select blocks server-side

- Blockzappers and Schematicannons can now carry over some data from blocks

- Goggle overlay is now hidden when looking at filter slots

- Fixed crash when trying to move beds on contraptions

- Water wheels can now be powered by bubble columns

- Deployers now handle excess items differently

- Fixed contraptions assembling even when the controller components' speed is zero

- Fixed inconsistencies with the hitbox of moving mechanical pistons

- Fixed activator rails not diassembling furnace minecart contraptions

- Fixed drills continuing to dig at old locations when placing a minecart structure somewhere else

- Cart contraptions now keep their item name

- Fixed belts sometimes popping off when disassembling a contraption

- Fixed cocoa beans on contraptions crashing the server

- Fixed "angel block" placement through super glue

- Item Storage information on Contraptions no longer get sent to the client

- TileEntities are now being considered when rendering static blocks in a moving structure.

- Increased scope of caught exceptions when rendering modded tiles in schematics and on contraptions

- Fixed mechanical pistons being a little too generous with pole alignment

- Fixed inconsistent collision response to players respawned from near a contraption

- Added some additional feedback when players apply filters

- Basins can no longer be placed directly under a press or mixer

- Fixed blockzapper duplicating bonemeal and breaking bedrock

- Processing outputs in creates recipe json can now fall back to a default count

- Fixed deployers duplicating the Quark pickarang

- Fixed water rendering overlay on glass blocks

- Crushing wheels are now less prone to zfight with other blocks

- Fixed prefix "kinetics" added to unrelated subsequent config keys due to inconsistent push/pop

- Fixed players flailing their limbs around while standing still on a moving contraption

- Allowed harvesters to harvest kelp tops

- Fixed schematicannon breaking bedrock with doors, tall flowers and beds

- Fixed extendo grip breaking item frames instead of making the item pop off

- Fixed Deployers crashing when interacting with bee hives

- Fixed wand of symmetry not applying fortune or silk touch

- Blockzappers and Schematicannons now place crops in their initial growth state

- Fixed various duping exploits involving the blockzapper and schematicannons

- Fixed recipe lookup cache not invalidating on datapack reload

- Added a block tag non_movable conatining blocks that should not be moved with contraptions

- Added a block tag for brittle blocks breaking without support

- Added two config entries to offset the goggle overlay on x/y axis

- Copper, Brass and Zinc blocks can now be used as beacon base block

- Copper, Brass and Zinc can now be used to activate a beacon

- Create ingots are now listed under the forge:ingots tag

- Create nuggets are now listed under the forge:nuggets

- Create plates are now listed under the forge:plates

Please submit any Issues you come across on theIssue Tracker.

Happy Christmas!

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