10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (2023)

Vanilla Minecraft is enjoyable on its own, but installing a few modpacks can vastly improve things gameplay-wise.

Although modpacks are a great way to make Minecraft more entertaining, there's a massive selection to choose from. Because of this, it can be difficult to find the right modpack to suit what players are looking for.

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (1)

However, there are certain modpacks that are incredibly popular and have garnered support from a large number of players. They may be worth looking into before delving deeper into the vast roster of modpacks.

Great Minecraft modpacks to download and play in 2022

10) Blockfront

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (2)

Taking plenty of inspiration from military-styled first-person shooter games, Blockfront is a modpack for players who love gunplay and action.

Featuring World War 2-styled aesthetics and combat, players can battle each other throughout Normandy, the site of one of the largest land invasions in the history of warfare. However, it isn't all run and gun as players can also command their team and call in airstrikes on high-value targets to take over the valuable control points they're pushing for.

9) SkyFactory 4

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (3)

One of the best modpacks conceived for Minecraft's Skyblock game mode, Sky Factory 4 takes traditional Skyblock gameplay and augments it heavily with many new features.

Employ the assistance of automated tools, explore over 30 different world types, and resource trees allow players to track their progress and select which resources they'd like to use next. Players can also pursue a list of optional goals. They can even explore new dimensions, including the astral plane, making this modpack an incredible Minecraft addition for anybody who enjoys Skyblock.

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (4)

8) Speed of Light FPS Booster

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (5)

Speed of Light (SOL) is a performance-based modpack aimed at improving players' device performance. It's a purely barebones pack, meaning there's no extra frills or content, simply engine tweaks and mods that improve players' FPS substantially.

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Some players may skip this pack because they don't need performance improvements. Still, just about every player can benefit somewhat from adding this pack to their lineup, even if the changes aren't all that noticeable on higher-end machines.

7) Low Res Trailer Recreation

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (6)

Minecraft's visuals hold their own, but the game's trailers are also very visually appealing. For players who might prefer the art style of the game's trailers, Low Res Trailer Recreation is the modpack for them.

Ideally, the modpack is best used with Optifine and specific settings for it alongside BSL Shaders, but it can also run on Sodium if players prefer. It may take a little time to set up, but once players hop into their world remade in the sleek trailer visuals alongside brand-new animations, it'll definitely feel like it was worth the effort.

6) Infinity

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (8)

For players that enjoy a challenge, Infinity can be a great modpack to try. It's primarily focused on combat but also adventuring through dungeons and defeating powerful foes.

Players can create new gear and equipment, improving their capabilities and battling increasingly powerful foes and even bosses. It doesn't end there either. Players can also conduct alchemy and learn magical spells, improving their abilities even further. The difficulty increases over time, so Minecraft players have time to learn the ropes before things get tough.

5) Better Minecraft

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (9)

Considered by its developers to be a superior version to the vanilla game, Better Minecraft implements enough new content and improvements to back up the claim. This modpack takes just about every facet of the vanilla game and ramps it up, improving the depth without laying on too much complexity.

There are tons of new biomes, newly generated structures, a more robust Nether and End, and furniture mods, along with plenty of quality-of-life improvements and hundreds of other mods included in the pack. This modpack is still Minecraft at its core but a vastly improved version compared to vanilla.

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (10)

4) Medieval Minecraft

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (11)

There's always been something of a medieval theme to Minecraft, with players capable of building castles and villages, but this modpack is another story entirely. Players can appreciate new shaders, new biomes, character origins, mounts, and much more with this pack.

With over 200 mods, big and small, Medieval Minecraft can completely convert players' world into a remarkable medieval landscape, fraught with many challenging encounters and delves but also plenty to be pleased about. Sometimes, plundering a dungeon and ridding it of hostile mobs is its own reward.

3) DarkRPG

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (12)

Featuring an incredibly robust roleplaying gameplay system, DarkRPG exhibits some of the most in-depth character progression ever seen in a modpack. Select your origin and complete quests, ride through the world on your favored mount, bring along companions to give yourself unique benefits, and enjoy the intensity of all that DarkRPG brings.

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This heavy roleplaying element isn't just for show, as players should take on new and old enemies and equip themselves as best they can to defeat the danger at every corner. The modpack isn't for the faint of heart, but it makes for an excellent experience.

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (13)

2) Valhesia Enhanced Vanilla

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (14)

Improving on the vanilla game without making it unrecognizable, Valhesia is the perfect modpack for players who want to customize their experience without giving up what makes the game special. However, there are enough changes in Valhesia to give it its own identity.

Players can progress through an RPG-styled skill system, leveling up and improving their survivability. Along the way, they'll craft new gear that augments their abilities but doesn't break vanilla lore. Combat difficulty has also been adjusted, with the spawn point being much safer and things becoming more difficult as players travel away from it.

1) All the Mods 7

10 best modpacks for Minecraft (2022) (15)

All the Mods 7 might not contain every mod out there, but it features an excellent combination of many mods to create a new and rewarding experience. The amount of mods included in this pack is staggering, introducing new content and tweaking even the smallest parts of Minecraft down to the finest details.

Quality-of-life changes ensure that players don't get lost in the deluge of new content, and they'll need them to get up to speed. There's simply too much new content and improved aspects to list. Players will need to plug this modpack into their client and see how vastly this pack changes the game.

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